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November 21, 2023 | Will Ominsky

Unlocking New Revenue Opportunities Hinges on Improving SMB User Experience

Learn how ensuring a great end user experience can be a key differentiator for MSPs.

MSPs have a critical role in helping SMB customers lay or improve upon a foundation for UX success. Understanding customer needs around UX (User Experience) can help your team intelligently support and prioritize end-user initiatives through tactics such as implementing and streamlining cloud-based technologies.

SMBs in all industries are under pressure in the current work climate. Talented employees are in short supply and workers of all skill sets are demanding more from their current and potential employers. This is true in terms of salary, benefits, WFH options, and the technologies needed to do their job.

Focusing on the end user experience has never been more important. With employers demanding more from their employees, fewer employees are willing to settle for an inferior technology experience. What once were merely frustrations with technology can now cause an employee to move to greener pastures.

The Importance of Understanding UX Needs and Pain Points

MSPs are the experts that SMBs look to for guidance in making technology decisions. But being an MSP is more and more difficult these days. Not only are MSPs facing many of the same business challenges their customers are, they also face increased competition. Anyone can now call themselves an MSP, even with little experience and knowledge, because of the number of “out of the box” solutions available.

Will Ominsky
VP, MSP Sales

Many times, these solutions will not provide the desired results until they are customized. Unfortunately, service providers don’t realize this until it’s too late. Many of these solutions require agents on an end user’s device, which can cause disruptions during installation and configuration. They also use valuable compute resources and introduce another attack vector.

MSPs who focus on how a customer’s employees interact with technology find themselves a critical component of the entire organization. This is because they focus on fixing or improving the user experience and not simply checking boxes for services offered. Employees will actively campaign not to replace them with a different or lower cost option. This is well received by business leaders who don’t want to risk employees’ day-to-day happiness and productivity.

UX Consistency = Competitive Differentiator

In the new ‘modern work’ world, many employees have their own office – their home office. Remaining productive is a daily objective. These workers are difficult to support and can take up significant help desk time, wasting valuable work hours from the customer’s perspective. The MSP who can figure out how to deliver a consistent, stress-free user experience at scale will gain an advantage.

There is tremendous value in having a seamless work experience no matter the employee’s device or location. Details like the same icons on your desktop, whether you are on the iPad, mobile device, or desktop/laptop, allow employees to do their best work and maximize productivity. MSPs who clearly articulate the importance of a seamless UX, coupled with how their services provide that across the customers’ organization, will surely beat out the competition.

The end user experience has often been a secondary consideration for business leaders and MSPs alike. In today’s world filled with modern IT challenges and increasingly sophisticated users, businesses of all kinds now realize the positive impact of UX. Don’t let your MSP miss out on the huge opportunity available when improving customers’ UX strategies.

Will Ominsky is VP, MSP Sales for Nerdio.

Image: iStock

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