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USB Sock-IT Offers Smart Mobile Charging Solution

Doubles your charging capacity while saving electricity. By Admin

I don't know about your household, but in mine, there are simply too many mobile devices floating around… and they all at some point need to be charged. I thought the best way to ensure that things stay charged is to buy everyone - me, my hubby, and both kids - his or her own charger. Ummm. This doesn't really work for us. Inevitably, my kids lose their own cords, steal mine, plug it into some elusive outlet, leave for school … need I say more?

The problem is, there's really no outlet in our house that can handle our charging needs without sacrificing power to a lamp, toaster or some other device.

A new product from 8G Electronics promises to solve this dilemma by providing two dedicated USB charging ports and two electrical outlets. With a device like this, my family could charge four devices at once - all from one spot, like the kitchen, that I can easily monitor.

The USB Sock-IT Plugin Outlet fits over any standard outlet. With 3 amps of shared power between the two USB ports, it provides the power needed to charge two Apple iPads simultaneously. And the ports use this electricity wisely.

Once you plug in a device, the Plugin Outlet measures how much power and current the battery needs and only gives that much. When you plug in a second device, the second USB charger will give up the remaining power available. When the battery of the devices are fully charged, the Outlet automatically turns off, which eliminates phantom power, which can drive up your utility bills.

Selling for $24.99, the outlet features an LED light that turns off when your device is completely charged.

This article was originally published by our content partner Electronic House

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