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SMBs Get Malware Protection Option from ThreatTrack

The cybersecurity solutions developer announces real-time detection and automated remediation of "threats that evade traditional signature-based defense." By ChannelPro

Cybersecurity solutions developer ThreatTrack Security has announced its ThreatSecure malware protection platform.

The solution provides real-time detection and automated remediation of threats that evade traditional signature-based defenses. It combines advanced threat detection with closed-loop endpoint remediation and enables SMBs to eliminate Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), targeted attacks, and zero-day threats by deploying remediation signatures to compromised systems regardless of what endpoint security solution is in use. Machine learning, signature-less detection accurately determines malicious behavior.

“The security industry’s dirty little secret is that it can detect and alert on all kinds of dangerous malware, but it leaves cybersecurity professionals on their own to get rid of them,” says ThreatTrack Security president and CEO Julian Waits Sr. “At a time when the stakes couldn’t be higher, this industry has tried to convince users that threat detection is the new threat prevention. ThreatSecure exposes, analyzes, and eliminates even the most advanced APTs and targeted attacks, proving it is possible to identify and remediate otherwise unknown threats with the click of a button.”

The real-time detection and closed-loop remediation solution enables SMBs to expose, analyze, and eliminate advanced malware. It is designed to:

  • Expose Unknown Threats — ThreatSecure provides real-time notification of malware and integrates with existing alerting and event management systems to initiate action on the most critical threats.
  • Analyze Cyber Threats — Through a combination of behavior analysis and machine learning algorithms, ThreatSecure detects malicious content. 
  • Eliminate Threats with Automated Remediation — Through automated, end-to-end remediation, ThreatSecure eradicates advanced threats by generating custom signatures that clean up infected endpoints.

In addition to remediating malware threats, ThreatSecure provides an interactive dashboard and views that display cybersecurity data analytics unique to the user’s network, enabling easy investigation into patterns, trends, and other important security data.

ThreatSecure is available through ThreatTrack Security’s Early Adopter Program, with general availability to follow this spring. The platform is available via the ThreatSecure appliance. It will first defend against email-based cyber-attacks and then extend to protect against Web- and file-based cyber-attacks later this year.