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Corsair Upgrades GS Series of Power Supply Units

The new PSUs boost energy efficiency and offer voltage stability and ultra-low ripple and noise specifications. By Admin

Components manufacturer Corsair has upgraded its GS Series line of high-performance power supply units (PSUs). The new design is meant to boost energy efficiency, help the GS Series line achieve 80 PLUS Bronze certification. The new models are available in three wattage models: GS600, GS700, and GS800.

The 80 PLUS certification program was created by utility and computer companies to drive the creation and adoption of more energy-efficient power supplies for desktop computers and servers.

GS Series PSUs offer voltage stability and ultra-low ripple and noise specifications. The 140 mm temperature-controlled fan also ensures that GS Series power supplies remain quiet as well as cool. Plus, by operating fanless at load levels below 20 percent of the model's wattage rating, each GS Series PSU significantly reduces noise levels.

“The GS Series line has been popular with PC enthusiasts who demand quiet, good-looking, and affordable power supplies they can count on,” says Ruben Mookerjee, Corsair’s vice president and general manager, components. “Now we are proud to deliver the next evolution in the GS Series PSU line, with higher-levels of energy efficiency and a new striking, customizable industrial design.”

GS Series power supplies feature user-switchable red, white, or blue LED lights. Further customization is possible with swappable color insert rings which are available for purchase from the Corsair website.

Corsair GS Series power supplies are available now from Corsair's network of authorized distributors and resellers. The PSUs are supplied with a 3-year warranty and are backed up by Corsair's customer service and technical support.