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Cloudyn MSP Enables Redistribution of AWS to SMB Clients

MSPs can buy in bulk from Amazon Web Services and use the Cloudyn platform to share resources in a controlled manner. By ChannelPro

Cloud cost analytics and optimization developer Cloudyn has released a new platform called Cloudyn MSP. The platform is designed to help managed services providers (MSPs) to create revenue streams, increase profit margin, and round out cloud offerings.

Cloudyn MSP enables MSPs to visualize cost, usage, and saving opportunities across all customers. It also enables accurate cost allocation and calculation of profit margins for each SMB customer.

“While MSPs currently control about 15 percent of on-premise business IT, SMBs are rapidly moving to the cloud,” states Cloudyn in a press release submitted to ChannelPro-SMB, “and MSPs are seeking new ways to stay relevant.”

“We are excited about our new MSP offering as it completely changes the cloud game for system integrators, resellers and other cloud players,” says Cloudyn CEO Sharon Wagner. “Buying in bulk from AWS [Amazon Web Services] and then being able to redistribute to customers, with the ability to ensure that margins remain optimal, changes the business model for them.”

Cloudyn MSP is designed to support any type of AWS deployment, with the ability to manage standalone clients as well as multiple sets of consolidated billing environments.

“Set-up can be done in minutes, with MSPs able to view the high-level, aggregated deployment as well as individual customer views,” states the Cloudyn press release. “MSPs can easily match AWS accounts with relevant customers and define permission levels for users so access can be shared in a controlled manner.”