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Black Diamond III Speaker is a Glowing Ball of Sound

Acase's new Bluetooth speaker doubles as a super-cool lightshow. By Rachel Cericola

There's certainly no shortage of speaker options out there - even the wireless ones. However, one company is looking to create a sound experience that will get all of your senses jumping.

Acase teamed up with design company yantouch for the new Black Diamond III. This compact Bluetooth speaker uses the power of USB to crank music alongside a little personal lightshow. As the speaker plays, the glowing crystal inside will change colors. Just put on a little Pink Floyd and enjoy!

The speaker has Bluetooth support, which means you can stream sound from any compatible smartphone or tablet. It also has an audio plug, in case you want to tether a non-Bluetooth device.

The Black Diamond III comes with its own remote, which can adjust volume, as well as lighting effects, colors, and more.

Acase says that the Black Diamond III is available now on Amazon, for a discounted price of $120.