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WD Delivers Super-Thin 1TB Portable Hard Drive

The 7mm WD Blue is shipping now. By Rachel Cericola

No one wants to lug around a hard drive. However, there are manufacturers out there making hard drives that beg to be your travel companion. The latest is the 7mm WD Blue, which is supposedly the thinnest 1TB drive that the world has to offer.

It's hard to dispute that claim, since this drive is small enough to fit into your pocket. That light, thin form factor also packs plenty of storage. Users can opt for anywhere between 320GB and 1TB in this size. Each version is also compatible with 9.5mm drive slots.

Other features include a quiet performance, StableTrac for read and write operations, dual stage actuators, and WD's SecurePark technology to ensure a long life. It also has WD's ShockGuard technology, which can keep the drive mechanics and platter surfaces safe and sound.

"Intel is introducing its fourth-generation Intel Core processor family (code-named Haswell) to deliver faster and more efficient performance to both desktop and notebook platforms, with significant gains benefiting portable systems" said Roger Bradford, Intel's capabilities marketing manager. "The release of the WD Blue 7mm hard drives offers a new level of storage capacity that further enriches the computing experience for users of ultrabooks, All-in-Ones and other thin and light PCs."

The 7mm WD Blue has been paired up with hundreds of products, making it the perfect companion for almost system. It's available now, with the 1TB model priced at $139.