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LOGICnow Unveils LOGICcards Data Analytics Offering for MSPs

The new machine learning capability delivers real-time analytics to any device to help businesses run more efficiently, securely, and intelligently. By ChannelPro

LOGICnow, a provider of integrated IT service management software, has unveiled LOGICcards, the latest addition to the MAX RemoteManagement tool set designed to bring the power of data driven intelligence to your fingertips. LOGICcards gives IT service providers access to real time data-driven insights derived from billions of data points collected from the millions of devices managed by MSPs that depend on the MAX RemoteManagement platform.

LOGICcards aims to help MSPs derive more value from their operational dashboards and delivers real-time insights tailored to the environment and circumstances of every MSP on the platform. These insights evolve based on the latest interactions from individual MSPs, across the community, and from broader industry trends.

“In essence, LOGICcards embeds a data science capability within every one of our MSP customers, it’s like having an analyst in your business that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to identify improvement opportunities,” says Alistair Forbes, general manager of LOGICnow. “Like cloud before it, the impact of machine learning for MSPs will be revolutionary and should not be underestimated. This moves beyond the traditional understanding of automation for MSPs to a new generation of business optimization opportunities. The confidence that the operational activity is undergoing continual improvement will free up MSP business owners to understand and address the major challenges they will face in the years to come.”

LOGICcards offers trends and predictive insights that enable MSPs to detect and predict critical factors such as device failure, business opportunity, and security threats. These notification, or "cards," will be complemented by industry intelligence cards and educational and informational content. The machine learning within the system ensures that the information that is delivered is optimized over time to reflect the business environment and areas of interest of each MSP individually.

“Machine learning is the technology platform that will usher in the next evolution of managed services provision. LOGICcards democratizes data analytics and brings the benefits of machine learning to MSPs of all sizes today,” continues Forbes. “From our Harmony research, we know that MSPs want to improve the strategic nature of the services they offer, but that IT departments want them to offer a faultless basic service first. For MSPs, machine learning helps them bridge that gap by not just reacting to problems, but actively predicting and solving them. It’s a clear gateway to a more strategic client relationship – LOGICcards will deliver the engine of future growth for managed service providers.”


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