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LenovoEMC First to Market With Acronis Backup for px Series NAS, Offer Worldwide Upgrade

LenovoEMC and Acronis team up to bring high quality, hassle-free backup to the entire LenovoEMC px Series NAS line as an optional $49 upgrade. By Matt Whitlock

Network attached storage is ubiquitous in small and mid-size business, allowing teams to share and backup files conveniently. However, NAS is often overlooked in a comprehensive backup strategy (as a device to backup) even though these devices can house terabytes of mission critical data. Many NAS devices employ hardware based data protection systems like RAID, but software backup solutions for backing up a NAS to a different device are generally subpar, hobbled-together solutions.

LenovoEMC and Acronis hope to change that by teaming up to bring high quality, hassle-free backup to the entire LenovoEMC px Series NAS line as an optional $49 upgrade.

Acronis Backup & Recovery for LenovoEMC NAS is a new approach to NAS backup, installing a new resident backup engine that brings the NAS up to a first class citizen rather than a dumping ground. The Acronis backup engine provides automated and fast incremental backup of the data on the NAS to a network storage target, which is improves both backup reliability and speed versus traditional open source file copying tools.

The real deal here is the combo package. LenovoEMC is offering new and existing customers a combination of both the NAS backup software with a license for the OEM version of Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.5 for Servers for $249. The retail license through Acronis for just the server backup software generally runs north of $600 or more. There are some differences between the retail and OEM editions, namely OEM versions don't apply as credit to upgrade down the road, but it's an incredible value nonetheless.

ChannelPro spoke with LenovoEMC's network storage general manager, Marc Tanguay, in a top-secret, multi-step security code call yesterday who shed some light on the value proposition for SMB.

"Typically ourselves and our competitors have provided PC backup software. Server backup is something that is unique in our space of storage products to offer; it makes sense for us now working very closely with Lenovo and ThinkServers. [Offering] Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.5 really sends a message to a small business that they can use Acronis on PCs, servers, and now the NAS."

The upgrade process is relatively straightforward. Download the file and install it through the management interface on the NAS. Backup jobs are set up through the Acronis management console on the PC or server, which are then sent to the target device (like the NAS) and ran resident from there.

How LenovoEMC is bringing this new package of tools to market is a little less straightforward. In European and Asian markets, Lenovo is bundling the Acronis software in with new models, one of which they announced today. In North America, the px Series line will continue as it is, and the Acronis NAS backup can be purchased as an upgrade directly through Acronis. "The feedback we received from the channel and the channel sales team was that with NAS products having so many iterations already based on capacities, adding additional iterations for packaged software in the channel would cause confusion and complexity," says Marc.

When asked if Acronis backup would eventually be a standard feature for the px Series or trickle down into other lines, LenovoEMC wouldn't comment directly, but they did stress how their partnership with Acronis is a meaningful step in provide trusted backup software across a range of devices.

Existing customers can purchase the upgrade here. If you're a European or Asian market reseller and want to check out the new Lenovo EMC px Series Acronis Backup Appliance, which also includes OEM versions of Acronis Backup and Recovery 11.5 for Windows and Linux Servers, click here.