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HP Broadens Use of Asetek Liquid Cooling Technologies

The sealed-loop liquid cooling innovations will now be used in single-processor HP Z820 workstations. By Admin

Computer manufacturer HP has expanded its use of Asetek liquid cooling technologies to single processor HP Z820 workstations. Previously only available in dual CPU configurations, broadening use of Asetek’s integrated sealed-loop liquid cooling provides reduced system noise and increased productivity.

The liquid cooling solution in the Z820 adds a quieter computing experience, increasing productivity and creativity for professionals in mechanical computer-aided design (MCAD) and digital media and entertainment (DME).

“The expansion of Asetek liquid cooling within the Z820 line further validates Asetek liquid cooling as a valuable addition for improved productivity,” says Scott Chambers, Asetek’s senior director of marketing.

“Factory filled and sealed for reliability and ease-of-use,” states Asetek in a press release submitted to Channelpro-SMB, “Asetek liquid coolers have been tested and certified to operate without maintenance for over 50,000 hours.  

Asetek liquid cooling has been available in HP workstations since the Z400 and Z800 were introduced in 2009.