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COUGAR Introduces MX500 PC Case

MX500 mid-tower case offers space for graphics card up to 410mm in length and support for seven fans. By ChannelPro

COUGAR has introduced a new PC case with upgradeable cooling and capacity potential, the MX500. With a European-style panel design, the MX500 displays a classic and minimalistic presence. The mid-tower case is designed for users looking for large capacity with optimal airflow and ventilation characteristics.

The MX500 offers space for graphics cards of up to 410mm in length. This is achieved by a 3-Mode drive cage concept. In standard mode, there is 300mm of space by using a special HDD track mechanism. Users can relocate the drive cage to gain another 30mm for a space of 330mm, and when removing it entirely, users can get the maximum clearance of 410mm.

Air filters on the bottom PSU cover and the side panel prevents dust from entering the inside and accumulating there. Additionally, these filters are now attached on the outside with a magnetic mechanism, allowing for assembly and disassembly. A large 20 cm intake fan in the front (with LED lights) and a 12 cm rear turbine exhaust fan come pre-installed.

The case includes a cutout on the motherboard backplate, allowing for room to install or exchange CPU coolers. The newly designed cable management system keeps cables away from the setup and tunnels them in a way so users can easily keep track of their hardware lifelines and change them conveniently.

The MX500 comes pre-installed with two 120mm COUGAR Ultra fans, one in the front and the other in the rear. In addition, on the top cover, the case has a maximum fan size of 200mm as an optional installation.

Product Specifications

  • Modernistic look with hair-lined surface front panel design
  • Capacity for longer high-end graphics cards up to 300mm, 330mm & 410mm.
  • Ventilation solution and support for 7 fans: Front 120mm fans x 2/140mm fans x 2; Top 120mm fans x 2/140mm fans x 2/180mm fan x 1/200mm fan x 1; Bottom 120mm fan x 1/140mm fan x 1; Rear 120mm fan x 1; Side 120mm fan x 1 / 140mm fan x 1
  • Cable feed through on the MB tray for routing and hiding cables
  • Advanced dual USB3.0 for maximum data transfer speed
  • 7 PCI slots provide flexibility for multiple graphics cards solutions
  • Screw-less mechanisms on 5.25-inch devices
  • 3.5-inch HDD trays x 7 (compatible for installing 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs x 7)
  • Provides 2.5-inch HDD trays x 3 (depending on the graphics cards length)
  • Installation opening in the MB tray for easy upgrade CPU cooler
  • Vented slot bezels for better cooling performance
  • Removable air filters on the bottom cover & side cover to prevent dust from entering the enclosure
  • Game-style interior black coating