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AMD Debuts FirePro W9100 Graphics Card with 16GB of GDDR5 Memory

New AMD FirePro W9100 graphics card boasts 16GB GDDR5 memory, over 2 TFLOPS of double precision compute performance, and 4K multi-display support. By ChannelPro

AMD has launched the AMD FirePro W9100 professional graphics card built for the next generation of 4K workstations accelerated by OpenCL. Boasting16GB of ultra-fast GDDR5 memory, up to 2.62 TFLOPS of double precision compute performance, and ultra-high 4K resolution multi-display capabilities, the AMD FirePro W9100 offers creative professionals "supercomputing-class performance" from a single GPU.

“Now is the time when 4K displays are more readily available and accessible,” says Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD Graphics. “We’re seeing even more applications demand increased memory support while pushing the limits of real-time 4K video production and rendering. AMD has delivered a product at the right time to meet these needs -- the new AMD FirePro W9100 professional graphics card -- designed for the most demanding workflows in next-generation workstations. As AMD’s flagship professional graphics card, the AMD FirePro W9100 delivers cutting-edge graphics performance, industry-leading compute power from a single GPU and is equipped with an industry-first 16GB GDDR5 of ultra-fast on-board memory – the largest frame buffer graphics card ever built. With such visual supercomputing performance, professionals can work on the most complex engineering and creative projects in ultra-high resolutions, helping them to keep track of even the smallest details.”

The AMD FirePro W9100 graphics features include:

  • 2.62 TFLOPS of peak double-precision GPU compute performance - AMD FirePro W9100 graphics cards feature ½ rate double precision, enabling more than 2TFLOPS of peak double precision performance on a graphics processor.
  • 5.24 TFLOPS of peak single-precision GPU compute performance - Helps speed up time required to complete single precision operations used within simulations, post production and effects, signal processing, video transcoding, and digital rendering applications.
  • 16GB GDDR5 Memory - Allows users to work with a 512-bit memory interface and 320 GB/s of memory bandwidth to edit 4K video, layer in multiple effects and color correct on the fly, or load massive assemblies and data sets and manipulate them in real time.
  • Multi-GPU Support - Combine up to four AMD FirePro W9100 workstation graphics cards in a single desktop system and leverage the combined processing power to work with multiple 4K video streams in real-time, layer in effects, make color corrections, and edits.
  • 4K Resolution - With six Mini DisplayPort 1.2 outputs, the AMD FirePro W9100 can drive up to six 4K displays.
  • OpenCL 2.0 Support - Professionals can tap into the parallel computing power of modern GPUs and multicore CPUs to accelerate compute-intensive tasks in CAD/CAM/CAE and media and entertainment applications that support OpenCL.

The AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation features:

  • Multi-GPU support based on the new AMD FirePro W9100
  • Ready for OpenCL 2.0 applications
  • Multi-display support for 4K    

AMD FirePro W9100 is available this spring from AMD’s global distribution partner SAPPHIRE Technology, AMD FirePro Ultra Workstation providers, and in HP Z820 and HP Z620 Workstations for customer or channel integration.

A video webcast replay of the March 26th AMD FirePro W9100 introduction is accessible on AMD’s Investor Relations homepage: The replay of the webcast can be accessed for approximately one year. 

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