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TRENDnet Launches Outdoor Rated PoE Access Point

Company introduces new outdoor rated SMB PoE access point for building-to-building or wireless internet service provider applications. By ChannelPro

Wired and wireless networking hardware brand,TRENDnet, has launched the 10 dBi Outdoor PoE Access Point, model TEW-738APBO. Features of the10 dBi Outdoor PoE Access Point include:

  • Wireless N300 building-to-building networking
  • Connect to a wireless internet service provider network using CPE + AP mode
  • Built-in 10 dBi 2.4 GHz directional sector antenna
  • Clear line-of-sight connections for distances of up to 8 km (5 miles - when connecting to the same model)
  • Supports Access Point (AP), Wireless Distribution System (WDS), Repeater, and CPE + AP modes
  • IP67 rated aluminum housing
  • PoE injector included
  • Pole and wall mounting hardware included

"The TEW-738APBO provides the ability to extend an existing network to a remote location or connect to a wireless internet service provider network," says Sonny Su, TRENDnet technology director. "It's rated for extreme weather conditions and features a powerful internal directional antenna."

TRENDnet’s 10 dBi Outdoor PoE Access Point, model TEW-738APBO (MSRP $269.00), is currently available from retailers and other TRENDnet partners.