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Qumulo Releases Data-Aware Scale-Out Network-Attached Storage Solution

Qumulo Core software offers real-time analytics and storage for customers. By ChannelPro

Qumulo, an enterprise data storage company, has introduced Qumulo Core data-aware scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) solution designed to help businesses intelligently manage and store billions of files. The solution builds real-time data analytics directly into storage, giving enterprises a view of their data and storage resources at scale.

“Most enterprise storage systems can’t store this much data at all. Those that can, don’t help at all with the primary problem: that of managing billions of digital assets,” says Peter Godman, Qumulo CEO and co-founder. “Enterprise data storage vendors have worked hard to make ‘buy more storage’ the answer to every problem, but that doesn’t help businesses manage data. Qumulo has spent the last three years working hand in hand with customers to build the first data-aware scale-out NAS solution for the enterprise, enabling organizations to manage, store, and curate an enormous number of digital assets with a simple, efficient and cost-effective new storage solution.”

At the heart of Qumulo Core is the Qumulo Scalable File System (QSFS). QSFS was built to take advantage of the price/performance economics of commodity hardware, flash, and dense spinning disk. It is designed to be both read and write optimized, have high sequential and transactional performance, and efficiently handle small and large files.

Qumulo Core is a software application that runs as a user application on top of the Linux operating system. The solution can run on commodity hardware appliances provided by Qumulo, or on approved commodity storage server hardware.

Primary features of Qumulo Core include:                                                    

  • Real-time analytics – QSFS doesn’t just store data, but also curates and manages it
  • Software-only solution – Qumulo Core runs on commodity hardware, on dedicated appliances, or in virtual machines                                         
  • Flash-first hybrid design – Maximizes both price/performance and price/capacity   
  • SaaS software delivery model – Pay-as-you-go for continual infrastructure software innovation                                       
  • No compromise storage – Optimized for the widest range of workloads and file size
  • 100% programmable – Public and self-documenting REST API with interactive API explorer built into the web UI           

The Qumulo Q0626 hybrid storage appliance is a 1U node that provides 24TB of raw HDD capacity and 1.6TB of raw SSD capacity. Qumulo’s data-aware scale-out NAS can be scaled from four to over 1000 nodes in a single cluster and single namespace. 

Qumulo Core software and Qumulo Q0626 hybrid storage appliances are now available. Entry pricing for a four node 100TB raw capacity Qumulo Q0626 hybrid storage cluster begins at $50,000. For pricing and more information, email

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