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Napatech Demos Its Latest 1x40 GbE Intelligent Network Adapter

The NT40E2-1 is one of the first commercial 40 GbE network adapters in the field, and it will show at Interop Las Vegas this week. By Admin

Napatech, supplier of multi-port 10 GbE and 1 GbE intelligent adapters for network analysis, has shipped its first 1x40 GbE NT40E2-1 intelligent network adapter for customer evaluation. The hardware will also be demonstrated at Interop Las Vegas this week before being made generally available.

“The interest in the NT40E2-1 is surprisingly high considering the early stage of this market,” says Napatech CEO Henrik Brill Jensen. “Our OEM customers are keen to be prepared for the data traffic increases expected over the coming years”.

Indeed, various market reports are anticipating Internet traffic to double every two years in the coming years. In addition, traffic in data centers and mobile data networks are expected to grow even faster. These trends, says a Napatech press release submitted to Channel Pro-SMB, “are driving interest in delivering 40 GbE appliances for network monitoring and analysis.”

The NT40E2-1 is one of the first commercial 40 GbE network adapters in the field. It provides a high-speed physical interface with intelligence and acceleration features to help OEM vendors accommodate the tens of millions of packets per second that 40 GbE networks can generate.

Many network appliance applications for real-time network monitoring and analysis, as well as network security, face challenges in keeping up with high traffic rates. The advanced acceleration features provided by the NT40E2-1, however, help OEM vendors to off-load data processing tasks to the network adapter, enabling higher throughout performance and accelerated applications.