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Marketing Content Management Made Easier for SMBs

TIE Kinetix rolls out Self-Service Syndication for distribution, management, and updating of SMB marketing content. By Admin

SaaS e-commerce and marketing developer TIE Kinetix has launched its Self-Service Syndication solution, the latest addition to the provider’s Content Syndication Platform. The new solution is designed to provide SMBs with greater control over their partner marketing efforts, enabling them to easily distribute, manage, and update marketing content.

Content syndication solutions enable companies to effectively manage a brand showcase or campaign by disseminating through the channel community in a timely fashion. The TIE Kinetix Self-Service Solution offers SMBs:

  • Content syndication in four steps, in just minutes.
  • Risk-free monthly contract with no setup costs and a low monthly rate.
  • No limitations on the number of partners, content, or real-time content updates.
  • Easy distribution, management, and updating of marketing content through the indirect channel in real-time.
  • Three-step, ten-minute activation process for partners, with no handholding needed.

“Our Self-Service Solution opens up the door for SMBs looking to capitalize on the partner channel and arms them with the technology needed to compete with larger companies,” says TIE Kinetix CEO Jan Sundelin. “It’s exciting to be at the forefront of this effort, which we feel has the potential to fundamentally change the state of the market.”