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Hot Stuff: IObit Game Assistant 2 Beta Prevents PC Overheating

Company’s new system tool provides real-time temperature monitoring for gaming PCs and laptops. By ChannelPro

IObit, a provider of system utility software and system security products, has released its new free system tool, Game Assistant 2 beta, designed for gamers and laptop users to protect their PC from hardware damage caused by overheating.

Incorporated with CPUID Temperature Monitoring technology, Game Assistant 2 detects and displays the temperature of CPU, GPU, and motherboard as well as fan speed, boasting 90% accuracy. The system tool can display the information and send an alarm in real time in the game window, when launching games directly from Game Assistant 2. Additionally, Game Assistant 2 provides a one-click solution to lower RAM consumption to improve PC speed.

“With the popularity of laptops and games, overheating becomes an annoying problem for gamers equipped with laptop. I am one of them. In our survey, about 63% laptop users believe it’s helpful to monitor the temperature for their laptops,” says Antonio Zhang, marketing director at IObit. “The number increases to 87% among those who play games on laptops. We hope that every laptop user would pay attention before it’s too late, and we are confident that Game Assistant 2 will help.”

Game Assistant 2 beta supports Windows XP/7/8 and over 90 popular games. The system tool is free to download at and