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Exoprise Extends CloudReady Monitor with New Crowd-Powered Sensors

Exoprise's CloudReady Monitor can now help IT teams monitor the performance and availability on just about every cloud application, website, or service a business may be using, thanks to some new crowd-powered health and network sensors. The result gives IT managers Minority Report-like powers, the ability to identify and fix issues before they happen.

“If it’s a mission critical resource, IT needs to stay on top of issues that affect access," says Exoprise founder, Jason Lieblich. "With our new cloud and network health sensors, Exoprise makes it easy to test and monitor the performance and availability of virtually any internal or external website or server."

More specifically, Exoprise's new sensors employ a synthetic transaction monitor that doesn't require complex agent scripting. It emulates real-user actions across network protocols and cloud service API, and IT staff can analyze those measurements from their locations against global and regional crowd data to quickly identify and fix performance-impacting issues regardless of whether they happen in their network, at their ISP, or in the cloud. 

According to Exprise, their new sensors address some of the most common and challenging web performance issues for IT Teams today, like:

  • Azure & AWS Bandwidth Monitoring  - CloudReady Bandwidth Sensors continuously measure end-to-end bandwidth between user access locations and selected Amazon or Microsoft datacenters, enabling IT to detect changes or problems in available bandwidth that can be caused by local gateway issues, problems at the ISP, or virtual network configuration problems at the IaaS provider.
  • DNS Monitoring -  CloudReady DNS Sensors make it easy to monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot propagation, configuration and security issues in real time - across all locations and against crowd performance averages.  
  • Remote Server Monitoring -  CloudReady Ping Sensors monitor both the internal and external servers that are critical to users, capturing response times for any server supporting ICMP echo requests. And unlike manual command line ping tests, CloudReady continuously monitors target servers, providing real-time alarms as well as historical trend and cross-site comparison analysis.
  • Web Site Availability Monitoring -  CloudReady WGet Sensors allow you to compare HTTP page delivery timings across multiple servers in a single view.  This is useful in evaluating relative performance across a farm of web servers as well as being able to compare web page access times across your different locations.
  • Web App Performance Monitoring -  CloudReady WMon Sensors allow IT to detect and pinpoint the specific problem service(s) impacting overall app performance, with visibility into performance history data for each individual service.

Using all of the new sensors, IT can compare response times for multiple network services across multiple locations, compare local response times to crowd averages and set alarms for immediate notification in the event of errors or abnormal response times. It's pretty slick stuff, so we've put a demo of it from their YouTube channel below for you to get a sense of how it all works. You can also sign up for a demo here.



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