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You Can't Afford NOT to Have a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan....10 Things to Include

Today we are excited to welcome Mike Semel to Expedition Leadership. Mike Semel, founder of Semel Consulting, is a certified Business Continuity and compliance expert. He has owned his own Managed Services Provider, been the CIO for a hospital and K-12 school district; and ran operations at an online backup provider. Mike was the rescue captain in a volunteer fire department, Red Cross disaster manager, and was on the IndyCar rescue team for 19 years.

Creating a Sales Attitude Among Your Employees

Looking for a challenge?  Then this is a topic that will get your attention.

We are all selling all the time whether we want to believe it or not.  And having a sales attitude in your business is a cultural thing.  If owners want their employees, whether technical or not, to have any shared attitude it needs to be modeled first by the owner.

So how can the owner change the culture to foster everyone thinking together about appreciating customers and selling?  Here are some suggestions.

It Takes an Orchestra to Sell

As a salesperson have you ever considered what role that would be in another industry?  I have always envisioned myself as the conductor of an elite orchestra.  The conductor’s responsibility is to know the music, to know how each part of the score is supposed to compliment the other parts and instruments, to know the exact moment when they should play and how much energy they should have.  It is also the conductor’s job to NOT play any of the instruments.  He or She has a job, and the orchestra would fail if th

Principles of Effectively Presenting your Finances Well to your Leadership Team

How do you keep your leaders in the loop about the financials of the business?  The importance of the leadership team of any business understanding the current financial state of affairs cannot be understated. As the year progresses and certainty of plans and budgets give way to the reality of actual performance, it is vital that leaders are kept abreast of current conditions on the ground.

Leadership Lessons from the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area

In the still, cool early morning air, two bald eagles soar over the slate gray lake encircled by a dense, dark green pine forest.  A blue-gray heron drops to the safety of the middle of the lake.  A few moments after the eagles disappear into the distant trees, the heron flies toward the lake’s edge for its morning fishing.  Like a streak of lighting bolting from the trees, one of the eagles zeros in on the gangly heron.  Instantly there is a winged struggle as the eagle hauls its large prey to the shore, wings flapping loudly a


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