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Patterns and Trends

One of the many powerful constructs used in StratOp is Pattern and Trends. It’s a simple concept but provides insightful perspective used to put the right plan in place. During the StratOp process, our facilitators, coaches and consultants consistently see a few patterns and subsequent trends that begin to emerge.

Pax8 Welcomes Jennifer Bodell as Director of Emerging Channel

DENVER, CO (January 23, 2017) – Pax8, the leading value-added cloud distributor, today announced that Jennifer Bodell has joined the company as director of Emerging Channel. In this role, Bodell will be responsible for the strategic direction and go-to-market efforts of the company’s key IT channel relationships, including new growth opportunities and program development. She will report to Nick Heddy, vice president of Sales.

HTG Welcomes Laurie Sorensen as a LifePlan Facilitator

Harlan, Iowa, January 9, 2017 –  HTG’s Laurie Sorensen takes on an additional title this year. She is now serving as a LifePlan facilitator in the HTG community. In this new role, Laurie works with individuals and couples to provide a one-on-one experience to develop a system designed to help one live life to the fullest. She received her certification from the Paterson Center in order to facilitate.

The Wheels on the Bus: Navigating Change (part 2)

In my first post in this series on navigating change, I shared the history of the business model transformations that the IT industry has seen over the past few decades.   I predicted that our ever evolving industry will continue to change but will do so faster and faster.

While we have encountered change before and learned to navigate change while maintaining our current operation, this shift will be different.  Why?

The Wheels on the Bus: Navigating Change (part 1)

It’s that time of the year when we pull out the crystal ball and look forward.  2016 is pretty well in the books.  For the most part, outside of certain industries, it has been a good business year.  There were some outliers like oil and gas, and agriculture to name a couple of industries that struggled, but the majority of companies we work with and observe have had a good year and are poised for a great start to 2017.

My “Year of Impact and Adventure” – What is your 2017 Rallying Cry?

Well, it’s almost over…my 60th year of life.

My three daughters, three sons-in-law, and nine grandchildren threw a weekend-long birthday party for me at a church camp the girls attended when they were young.  What a joy-filled celebration!

The Olympic-themed event opened with its own torch – a burning marshmallow on a stick carried by a fleet footed runner.  It ended with gold foil-wrapped chocolate medals for the event winners.

Accountability: Getting to “Why”

In this series we have been examining how to build an accountable culture.  This final post will focus on a myth around accountability and transforming our mindset to help get to motivation.

One of the biggest myths surrounding accountability is that people do not want to do something and that is the reason they are unaccountable.  So, in come the “carrot and the stick.”  We dangle rewards and promises of bonuses in front and follow up with threats of punishment if a goal isn’t met.


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