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“Hum-bility” – Leadership Lessons I Learned Sailing Lake Superior

I didn’t have a clue how to sail that day when I was 18.  I hoisted the sail in that small dingy; by trial and error I figured it out.   I didn’t know what to call it back then, but I got stuck on a lee shore, got out, freed my trusty craft, turned her about and returned to the home dock.  The dynamic experience was definitely the most exciting thing I had ever done at 8 miles per hour.  It stirred a mariner’s seed planted in my soul by my sea-faring Norwegian ancestors.  Here’s to you Uncle Ole!

Replenishment Cycle

One area that many entrepreneurs and leaders struggle with is making time to replenish themselves.  They have always used brute force to press on, with little or no focus on self-care and replenishment.

After all, you don’t get things done while you’re sitting on the sideline taking a break.  Right?  It is working hard and pushing forward that has allowed many to achieve their success.  Or at least so they believe.

The Voice and The Choice – Lessons I Learned at the Beach

Walking along a lonely stretch of beach, you hear a cry for help from a man struggling in the surf.  You immediately feel two impulses: one is to rush out into the surf to help and the other is to remain safely where you are.  But there is a third thing present, something telling you that you ought to follow the impulse to help and suppress the impulse to remain safe.  You probably want to be safe more than you want to help the man who is drowning, but that third thing, which I will call The Voice, tells you to help him all the

Coach’s Corner: Great Expectations

Dear Coach: I struggle with some people on my team not living up to expectations. It’s as if they are not even listening. I’m really getting tired of this and ready to clear the decks and start over. Am I being too hasty?

I can certainly understand why you’re ready to start over. People not living up to expectations is exhausting and frustrating. That said, have you ever heard the maxim: unrealistic expectations are really premeditated resentments?

Preparing for the Unexpected

Dear? Is that a deer?  Legacy Planning – Preparing for the Unexpected.  What to do now?

It is a beautiful day.  You are driving down the road – day dreaming:  You have worked hard in your business.  You are proud of how you have grown over the years from an apprentice to an expert in your technical skills.  No one can surpass your ability to close deals and drive revenue.  You realize you need to develop your team around you…


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