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Discovering Hidden Opportunities to Lead

It was a typical winter morning in London. The fog hung so thick in the predawn air that you could spoon it. As the bus arrived it was the usual packed scene into which he wedged and jostled, picking his path towards a place to stand comfortably out of the way. This morning, however, he found himself leaning up against a previously unnoticed door that popped open under the press of the crowd. The opening revealed a small, lit stairway into which he found himself drawn.

What Effect Are M&As Having On The Channel?

M&A is definitely the buzz in the Channel today.  Not only on the IT MSP/Solution Provider front, but also in the vendor/cloud provider area as well.  Things are changing rapidly as companies acquire, merge, partner or find any number of ways to combine forces.  The landscape changes daily, and the discussion is about where the next deal will come from. 

You Can't Afford NOT to Have a Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plan....10 Things to Include

Today we are excited to welcome Mike Semel to Expedition Leadership. Mike Semel, founder of Semel Consulting, is a certified Business Continuity and compliance expert. He has owned his own Managed Services Provider, been the CIO for a hospital and K-12 school district; and ran operations at an online backup provider. Mike was the rescue captain in a volunteer fire department, Red Cross disaster manager, and was on the IndyCar rescue team for 19 years.

Creating a Sales Attitude Among Your Employees

Looking for a challenge?  Then this is a topic that will get your attention.

We are all selling all the time whether we want to believe it or not.  And having a sales attitude in your business is a cultural thing.  If owners want their employees, whether technical or not, to have any shared attitude it needs to be modeled first by the owner.

So how can the owner change the culture to foster everyone thinking together about appreciating customers and selling?  Here are some suggestions.


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