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Trend Micro develops Internet content security and threat management solutions.

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May 29th, 2020
Article | James E. Gaskin
New alliances for Microsoft, new small biz software from Cisco, new hardware from HP and Lenovo, and a new way to make empty stadiums sound less empty during socially-distanced pro sports events are among the stories we’ve finally gotten around to. - read more
May 26th, 2020
Press Release | ChannelPro
Report details changing tactics and global demand for new malicious services like Deepfake ransomware and AI bots - read more
March 12th, 2020
Resource | Trend Micro
Better service is always in demand from customers which presents more opportunities for revenue growth to MSPs. The demand is especially high in the cybersecurity market, though it grows more challenging with high competition and resources required to implement solutions. Check out how you can get ahead in the market by building these six services around security to boost your revenue. - read more
March 12th, 2020
Resource | Trend Micro
With the evolution from EDR to XDR, as well as the introduction and quick rise of advanced malware such as ransomware and fileless malware, the small and medium businesses that make up the bulk of an MSP’s customer base are in dire need of help when fortifying their cyber defenses. As an MSP, your clients rely on your knowledge, expertise, and ability to stay one-step ahead of the bad guys. - read more
March 12th, 2020
Resource | Trend Micro
In the Office 365 era, complementing the built-in security of Office 365 and other cloud services can not only unlock additional recurring revenue streams, but also enable compliance, visibility and better overall protection for your customers. Leverage this check-list to discover opportunities. Simply complete the form below to read the full white paper. - read more
March 6th, 2020
News | Colleen Frye
With an expanded schedule of cities for 2020, ChannelPro has launched its “Game Theory” tour to help MSPs, IT consultants, VARs, and integrators win big in business. - read more
March 4th, 2020
Slide Gallery | Rich Freeman
At last week’s RSA Conference, experts from Barracuda, SolarWinds, Sophos, Trend Micro, and WatchGuard discussed some of the top ways bad guys are making their way into good guys’ systems. - read more
March 2nd, 2020
News | Rich Freeman
Called AirGap and quietly added to the vendor’s X360 platform four months ago at no extra cost, the new system employs a variety of techniques to stop ransomware and other attacks from tampering with data that is often a company’s last line of defense. - read more
February 7th, 2020
Article | James E. Gaskin
New tools from Avaya, new services for SMBs from Xerox, and the personalized, pestilent Valentine’s Day gift of choice for that not-so-special someone in your life are all among the many stories we really meant to send your way sooner. - read more
February 3rd, 2020
Press Release | ChannelPro
Companies will help deliver industry leading protection for critical infrastructure and operational technology environment - read more


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