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August 3rd, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
In the current climate, many businesses are learning how to navigate the post-pandemic economy, including a (possible?) recession, continued supply-chain issues, the Great Resignation, and whatever else pops up. But one thing we have learned about the past few years is that fortune favors the - Read More
August 3rd, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
No one can say Scott Galloway is short on opinions—or of very loudly sharing said opinions—no matter how much criticism he gets or people he offends. The author, speaker, professor, podcaster, TV host—just to name a few outlets for his pontifications—has gained a following because of his critiques - Read More
August 3rd, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
There are 40 million adults in the U.S. that want or need a career but are unsure of what they want to do—or how to do it. Many in this so-called “career intent” category also believe technology is too difficult a field to pursue. And that’s a problem, said CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux during a - Read More
August 3rd, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
This article is part of an IT Career News series called Your Next Move. These articles take an inside look at the roles related to CompTIA certifications. Each article will include the responsibilities, qualifications, related job titles and salary range for the role. As you consider the next move - Read More
August 1st, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
The new CompTIA Linux+ (XK0-005) is an exciting step forward for CompTIA. The objectives are more advanced, and the topics have been modernized to keep pace with the fast-moving world of open source. This series covers my three favorite subjects from the new CompTIA Linux+ exam objectives and this - Read More
July 31st, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Test - Read More
July 29th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Just 3 years ago, Steve Upshaw says he never imagined he would be CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)-certified. Today, he is not only CASP+-certified, but he has also earned all CompTIA certifications – with the exception of CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+) and CompTIA Certified Technical - Read More
July 28th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
From acceptable use policies through vulnerability management, there are a lot of aspects of cybersecurity for MSPs to cover with customers. It can be overwhelming—and maybe impossible—to be an expert on everything. After all, one weak link and you and your customers’ information could be at risk. - Read More
July 27th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Thinking of becoming an IT project manager? If so, you’re on the right track. Never before has there been a better time to pursue a career path in IT project management. The demand for IT project managers is undeniably on the rise. Lightcast reported that employers posted over 600,000 job openings - Read More
July 26th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Balancing the demands of a growing business and a growing family have become a common challenge for tech business owners and their employees over the last couple of years. Sacrificing one side, even for a short term, can induce feelings of guilt, inadequacy or failure. But it is possible to achieve - Read More