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HP Inc.

HP Inc.

HP Inc.
3000 Hanover Street
Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185
United States
+1 650 857 1501

HP helps SMB Solution Providers thrive in a competitive market by providing relevant and impactful compensation programs, demand generation initiatives, and sales enablement resources. When added to the broadest IT portfolio in the industry, it's the most compelling growth opportunity for the partner community.

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November 1st, 2019
Article | James E. Gaskin
Microsoft adding Project to Office 365, Intel rolling out new gaming chips, Salesforce introducing a new AppExchange, and Russian eagles racking up huge cellular bills are among the many stories we’ve finally managed to cover. - read more
October 28th, 2019
News | Rich Freeman
The new offerings include a platform for adding workflow automation apps to multifunction printers, a centralized console for managing MFPs and their apps remotely, and tools for securing that hardware and software. - read more
October 25th, 2019
Article | James E. Gaskin
Acquisitions and alliances for Microsoft, a new CEO for ServiceNow, green print from HP, and good news for anyone made nervous by the thought of nuclear security relying on floppy disks are all among the many stories we’ve just now told you about. - read more
October 24th, 2019
Press Release | ChannelPro
Company unveils new products and solutions aimed at creating positive, lasting change for the Planet, People and Communities. News Highlights: Offers exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Nashville-based recycling facilities for HP hardware and supplies Introduces HP Tango Terra, world’s most sustainable home printing system1 Commits $200 million to water-based print solutions for corrugated packaging and textiles - read more
October 21st, 2019
Press Release | ChannelPro
Survey Highlights: 8 in 10 Americans admit to creeping on others’ screens without their knowledge Most consumers, 83 percent, don't feel comfortable looking at what they want in public out of concern that others might see. Don’t count on privacy in the workplace—3 in 4 office workers creep on coworkers’ screens and 73 percent peek at unclaimed documents they find left in office printer trays. Nearly half of office workers say they rush to the printer every time they print... - read more
October 12th, 2019
Article | James E. Gaskin
New Xeons from Intel, new CEOs for SAP, and a new beer that only an Apollo astronaut could love are just a few of the many stories we’re belatedly bringing your way. - read more
October 7th, 2019
Press Release | ChannelPro
End-to-end print and PC portfolio improves patient safety, care coordination, clinical efficiency and security. News highlights: Sanitizable keyboards and touch-enabled control panels through nitrile, latex and surgical gloves help prevent the spread of infection1 Certified printers reduce electromagnetic interference to sensitive patients and equipment2 Secure patient wristbands increase accuracy of patient identification Solutions built through collaborations with Cerner and... - read more
October 4th, 2019
Article | James E. Gaskin
Virtual desktops and real devices from Microsoft, security solutions from McAfee, and a perfect product for anyone who wants AirPods that aren’t actually AirPods and don’t actually work are just a few of the stories we’ve finally gotten around to reporting. - read more
September 30th, 2019
Press Release | ChannelPro
Near borderless design, double the performance, intuitive security features - read more
September 20th, 2019
Article | James E. Gaskin
Cloud news from Oracle, a skinny l’il laptop from HP, and potty humor involving airplanes and palaces were all among the stories we’ve just now roused ourselves to tell you about. - read more