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Carbonite is a leading, single-source provider for comprehensive data protection for all the different types of data and systems in today’s IT environments. Carbonite’s complete Data Protection Platform includes advanced solutions for ensuring the integrity, survivability and accessibility of data for businesses of all sizes and in any industry.

Business data is subject to numerous threats. When adverse events put data at risk, Carbonite provides the tools to bounce back with as little disruption as possible. We refer to this as cyber resilience – and it’s critical for today’s data-dependent businesses. With a complete stack of data protection solutions from Carbonite, businesses can implement a recovery-first approach to cyber resiliency, determining first the urgency of the data or system, and then deploying the kind of protection that will deliver the recovery objectives for that system. This means real-time replication and mirroring for critical servers and applications, periodic snapshots for disaster recovery and point-in-time retention for historical data.

Carbonite helps ensure higher levels of uptime by protecting business data from adverse events like ransomware, data loss and catastrophic outages. We also support compliance for businesses in regulated industries.

Highly flexible plans and capex-friendly pricing solve the challenge of having to choose between niche solutions for the sake of one high-priority system. With Carbonite, you get the level of protection you need for all your systems without sacrificing security or overpaying for performance.

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