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Ask any business owner about the importance of their computer files, and they’ll tell you. Files are not just files. They are customer records, invoices and contracts. They are imperative in day-to-day operations, but more importantly, to keeping a business in business. That’s where Carbonite comes in. Whether you’re running your business or running your household, Carbonite provides reliable and affordable cloud backup for all your irreplaceable files.

Currently, more than 1.5 million customers (including 50,000 small businesses) trust Carbonite’s secure, easy-to-use cloud backup solutions to protect their irreplaceable computer files. Carbonite keeps small business and home offices running smoothly by offering a comprehensive suite of affordable services for data protection, recovery and anytime, anywhere accessibility.

Why Partner with Carbonite?

To learn more about Carbonite, or to find out how you can add Carbonite to your list of services, contact the Channel Partner Team at 877-391-4759 or visit www.carbonite.com/partners/reseller.


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Carbonite offers cloud and hybrid backup and disaster recovery plans that deliver automatic, affordable solutions that protect business data.

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