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Tandberg Touts Its Latest Line of LTO-6-Enabled Storage and Backup Products

The compact tape autoloader StorageLoader, compact tape library StorageLibrary T24, and scalable tape library StorageLibrary T40+ each feature the LTO-6 table drives. By Admin

Data protection and archiving solutions provider Tandberg Data has announced the availability of its new LTO-6 tape drives, tape automation, and media products. The LTO-6 tape solutions are designed to provide increased capacity, performance, and functionality for SMBs looking to better manage data growth and reduce storage costs. 

Offering twice the cartridge capacity as the previous generation, the new Tandberg Data LTO-6 tape drive delivers up to 6.25 TB of compressed cartridge capacity and speeds of up to 1.4 TB per hour. With LTO-6, the Tandberg Data StorageLoader is offering up to 50 TB, the StorageLibrary T24 up to 150 TB, and the StorageLibrary T40+ up to 250 TB of compressed storage.

The new LTO-6 tape products are backwards write/read compatible for one generation and backwards read compatible for two generations.

All LTO-6 tape products will support 256-bit AES hardware encryption and WORM for regulatory compliance. LTO-6 tape drives will support LTFS (Linear Tape File System) technology with up to two partitions on a single data cartridge, enabling SMBs to store different file types in different locations on each tape to reduce access times. The Tandberg Data LTO-6 tape drive is available with a SAS or FC interface and is offered in standalone or automation configurations.

“LTO tape technology is the most cost-effective way to protect the deluge of digital data generated daily by most businesses,” says Graham Paterson, Tandberg’s senior vice president of EMEA.

According to Tandberg Data, the StorageLoader and StorageLibrary Series with LTO-6 enable customers to “shorten backup windows, simplify storage management, advance data protection, improve compliance, and reduce storage costs through active archiving.”

The Tandberg Data StorageLoader is a compact tape autoloader offering eight slots and up to 50 TB of compressed storage.

The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T24 is a compact tape library offering 12 or 24 slots and up to 150TB of compressed storage.

The Tandberg Data StorageLibrary T40+ is a scalable tape library offering 24 or 40 slots and up to 250 TB of compressed storage. The StorageLibrary T40+ Pass-Thru feature enables up to five StorageLibrary T40+ units to be stacked together, increasing the number of slots from 40 to 77, 114, 151, or 188 slots, to provide customers with capacity-on-demand and performance-on-demand.

Customers can add additional drives and capacity when required, enabling StorageLibrary T40+ capacity to be increased up to 1.2 PB and performance up to 28.8 TB per hour. 

Tandberg Data LTO-6 tape drives and tape automation products are fully compatible with all major operating systems and backup software.

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