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Client Heartbeat Partners with The ASCII Group to Deliver Customer Retention Tool

ASCII members can take advantage of the tool to receive data about their clients considered to be at risk of terminating their contracts. By ChannelPro

The ASCII Group, a membership-based community of MSPs, VARs, and IT solution providers, has partnered with Client Heartbeat, which provides a customer retention tool that surveys clients and measures satisfaction while delivering information that can be used to identify those that are "at risk." The partnership will provide the ASCII community with access to the business intelligence monitoring tool.

Client Heartbeat delivers automated surveys at regular intervals that MSPs can use to track customer fulfillment and service performance; responses are then benchmarked against other MSPs of a similar size in their region. With an impressive participation rate of 60 percent, Client Heartbeat tracks past client feedback, in combination with industry data, and can identify those customers that might be thinking about terminating their contracts.

"Our goal is to continually help IT practices improve their operations and discover untapped revenue opportunities. By working with Client Heartbeat, our members can leverage information in retaining customers and avoid potential revenue loss," says Jerry Koutavas, president, The ASCII Group.

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