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February 27th, 2021
Blog Entry | Karl Palachuk
Harry Brelsford passed me this press release over the transom . . . Digital Inclusion Roadshow 2021 features pop-up computer donation sites to support local nonprofit organizations’ work to end the Digital Divide. - read more
December 16th, 2020
Blog Entry | Karl Palachuk
Ta-DAAAA! - read more
December 10th, 2020
Article | Harry Brelsford
Here's the terrible news. For section one of this two part series, we couldn't discover 30 nerds younger than 30 in our SMB technology network. For this case, a nerd is a Managed Services Provider, specialist or architect—the real deal! Also, the news deteriorates—with the above persona definition, we were unable to discover at least one ladies in technology who fit our standards. What's happening with that? - read more
December 5th, 2020
Blog Entry | Karl Palachuk
Did You See This? If you only read this blog, you may have missed some of the other stuff I do. I put a list of recent activities in my weekly newsletter (signup here).  Mentions by Others . . . From time to time, we get a little press from folks in the wider community. - read more
December 3rd, 2020
Article | Harry Brelsford
In the present complex IT conditions, it is a higher priority than any time in recent memory to ensure your customers devices, infrastructure and foundation is state-of-the-art, and prepared for what will come in the future. To ensure customers remain operational MSPs are preforming regular audits to look at the life cycle of devices, as well as back of house infrastructure to ensure the insurance protection is matched up with the operational life pattern of the hardware. - read more
November 16th, 2020
Article | Harry Brelsford
Would you be happy to accept a decrease in salary to keep telecommuting after the pandemic? - read more
November 6th, 2020
News | Colleen Frye
ChannelPro’s final of five planned regional events offered a full day of content and networking geared at helping MSPs and IT solution providers continue to thrive in our new normal and prepare for emerging opportunities in the year ahead. - read more
November 5th, 2020
Article | Harry Brelsford
In today’s ever changing environments, organizations are accelerating digital transformation processes, not only to address current needs, but also to assist in long-term growth and profitability. Although data and technology are at the forefront of digital transformation, these factors alone are not sufficient to make the leap towards staying relevant. - read more
September 4th, 2020
Article | Harry Brelsford
Clearly one of the greatest opportunities for resellers, Network Service Providers (NSP) and Managed Services Providers (MSP) in the current economic climate rests with the speed and efficiency that Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) agreements can rapidly be sold and implemented for enterprise and small and medium business (SMB) clients. That’s the fast path to CASH! We have established that in part one and part two of our TPM series. - read more
September 4th, 2020
News | Colleen Frye
ChannelPro’s fourth of five planned regional events offered a full day of content and networking geared at helping MSPs and IT solution providers build an action plan for thriving in our new normal and taking advantage of emerging opportunities. - read more


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