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June 29th, 2022 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Here's an idea to consider: The next time you get a pitch from a vendor, ask this a simple question:How does this product/service/solution map to CMMC processes and practices?By now, I'm sure you've noticed that more and more government agencies are turning to NIST (The National Institute of - Read More
June 29th, 2022 | IOTSSA | IOTSSA Security Blog
A warm welcome to the IoTSSA Community as we continue to strive to keep our members at the forefront of cybersecurity. We look forward to their involvement and thought leadership at future events both live and virtual. Sounil Yu, CISO and Head of Research, JupiterOne Sounil Yu, Author of the ‘Cyber - Read More
June 29th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
You may have heard some buzz about layoffs in the cybersecurity sector. I think it’s important to discount the “noise,” and focus on what’s really going on. The buzz is primarily coming from organizations that saw an opportunity to address a perceived need (in this case, security), and then based - Read More
June 28th, 2022 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Managing Your Service Board5 Consecutive TuesdaysStarts: Jul 05, 2022Ends: Aug 02, 20229am Pacific - 50 minutesHandouts - Read More
June 28th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Diversity and allyship are more than corporate jargon. It is important to understand these terms and how they impact our lives and organizations. By building a company culture focused on diversity, we accomplish more than we do by surrounding ourselves with people who look and think just like us. - Read More
June 28th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Many IT pros begin their journey in the tech industry in one of the many IT support job roles out there. IT support offers many opportunities for IT pros to gain experience working in a professional tech environment before branching out into other facets of IT. For those that aspire to grow - Read More
June 27th, 2022 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
OK. Good clean fun:1) Everyone should attend CompTIA's ChannelCon event. Seriously. If nothing else, register so you can get the content that's streamed and all the related materials.2) You should use the code use the code CC22SmallBiz to register free.. . .and 3) There's a bit of a friendly - Read More
June 27th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
If your first CompTIA exam is coming up, it’s natural to feel a little bit nervous. Even if you’re completely prepared and feel like you’ve mastered the content, not knowing what to expect on exam day is sure to cause some butterflies – or a slight nervous stomach. To alleviate some of those nerves - Read More
June 25th, 2022 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
 Submit Comments on Draft NIST SP 1800-34, Validating the Integrity of Computing Devices The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) has published for public comment a draft of NIST SP 1800-34, Validating the Integrity of Computing Devices. What Is This Guide About? Technologies today - Read More
June 24th, 2022 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Having the option to take your CompTIA certification exam online, from the comfort of your own home or office, should make exam day a little bit less intimidating – especially if it’s your first CompTIA exam! But, if you’re not adequately prepared, taking your exam at home can quickly become more - Read More