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October 6th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
What makes a successful managed service provider business? The answer, of course, is that there is no answer, or at least no one answer, because everyone has their own individual models, strategies, and goals. But there are enough common principles and proven techniques to follow that can help you - Read More
October 6th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
When organizations transitioned to a remote workforce due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity teams faced new security challenges. Cyberattacks increased and phishing and malware attacks are up year-over-year. This is why advanced risk management knowledge and skills are needed - Read More
October 5th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
My neighbor is a police chief in a nearby town, and he’s always chiding me about leaving my car unlocked. He tells me there are two types of car thieves: one, those working for organized rings that target specific vehicle types with sophisticated techniques, and two, individuals walking through - Read More
October 4th, 2021 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
 Find out how to secure your apps and data in your Azure Virtual Desktop deployment. Read Azure Virtual Desktop Handbook: Security Fundamentals for technical, hands-on guidance to help you protect your virtual desktops with built-in Azure security features and other Microsoft security tools. - Read More
October 4th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Information security threats are on the rise globally. Organizations are concerned over the lack of adequately trained senior IT security staff to effectively lead and manage the overall cybersecurity resiliency against the next attack. On top of that, more jobs require the advanced cybersecurity - Read More
October 2nd, 2021 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
 Join us LIVE online October 20th!!!The Killing IT Podcast has been going for more than 130 episodes - and we are grateful for all of your support and feedback.Now - thanks to Cisco for making this possible!Here's what we're up to:A LIVE version of our show. You'll see a little bit of the "prep" - Read More
October 1st, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Security breaches happen every day, and, if it hasn’t already, one very well could happen to you or your organization. Did you know that 95% of breaches are caused by human error? Cyberattacks can happen to anyone, anywhere, and we all need to do our part to help prevent or minimize them. From the - Read More
October 1st, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
It’s October, which means it’s also Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Throughout the month, CompTIA will be releasing resources and thought leadership, hosting webinars and virtual events, and sharing videos and podcasts—all focused on the cybersecurity topics that are most - Read More
September 30th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
As the pace of change continues to accelerate, there is a divergence between organizations that successfully leverage their data as a strategic asset and those that don’t. A 2019 The Wall Street Journal article highlighted that most corporate executives felt their AI efforts would be hindered by - Read More
September 29th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Working in IT means fat paychecks, opportunities for creative problem-solving and the chance to be a hero every day. Tech pros report great experiences in their daily routines but, like every job, some days can feel like a total nightmare. In the spirit of Halloween, we asked some hardworking IT - Read More