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July 23rd, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Some of you have been following my other blog series, My CompTIA Server+ Favorites: 3 Topics to Watch. Since I also wrote the Official CompTIA Cloud+ Study Guide, I wanted to share my favorites from the new CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-003) as well. The series begins with this overview article, and will - Read More
July 22nd, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Tech companies spend a lot of time, focus and money on improving their customers’ experiences, a notion that’s now extending to the relationship between vendors and their partners. The shift is due to evolving business models, possibly accelerated by the global pandemic, and is probably overdue, - Read More
July 22nd, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
If you work in security intelligence, you are well on your way to having the skills needed in cybersecurity. While both fields aim to identify, monitor and counter cyber threats, security intelligence takes a broader perspective and includes physical and cybersecurity, whereas cybersecurity - Read More
July 21st, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
As cybersecurity professionals, we are aware of the role that penetration testing plays as part of a comprehensive security program. One of the main benefits is finding vulnerabilities and identifying potential security gaps that exist within our systems, as well as validating that security - Read More
July 20th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
A career as a software developer can be very exciting – from building apps that your friends and family use daily to developing systems that run devices and control networks. While this is a great career path, did you know that all the experience you have in software development can smoothly - Read More
July 19th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
While a job at the help desk is a great way to launch a tech career, it’s usually a stepping stone to something bigger and better. Traditionally, that meant spending a few years in an IT support role and then being promoted to network administrator and server administrator. But nowadays, experience - Read More
July 16th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
Cloud computing is very much entwined with all aspects of technology—a trend that accelerated during the pandemic after companies transitioned to SaaS-based business applications for their newly distributed, remote workforces. That’s opened doors for new partnerships between SaaS vendors and - Read More
July 16th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
The importance of security needs no introduction to IT pros. This year alone, Gartner predicts that $150.4 billion will be spent on security mitigation technologies. This represents an anticipated 12.4% growth over 2020 (which saw a 6.4% increase over 2019). CompTIA Security+ (SY0-601) is a go-to - Read More
July 15th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
With more than 30 years of experience in the tech industry, there isn’t much that Bob Stegner, hasn’t either done, seen, or had a customer do or see. He’s learned a few things along the way, lessons that he’s shared with guests and viewers of a CompTIA Connect YouTube series called “Universal - Read More
July 14th, 2021 | CompTIA | CompTIA Blog
What do CCNA Security, CCNP Security, CEH, ISA, Infosec CISSP, Amazon AWS Certified Security and ISACA CRISC have in common? They are all part of the large grouping of cybersecurity certifications currently available. Each of these certifications is valuable and serves a valid purpose. But what - Read More