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The Women and Men of the Channel are on a Mission

At the CompTIA Advancing Women in IT (AWIT) meeting at AMM in San Diego this month, community staff leader Cathy Alper welcomed attendees by announcing “In other CompTIA communities people say they want to join. In AWIT they say they want to get involved.” Get involved they did! I had the pleasure of watching over 50 professionals participate passionately in concrete initiatives designed to encourage and help women of all ages establish fulfilling careers in IT.

Use These Three Es to Develop and Assess Your Channel Relationships

Building a solid foundation with your channel partners will help your business go down countless avenues in the future. For a vendor, finding the right channels to sell cloud services can play a key role in expanding business and reaching new, untapped markets. Local markets and others formerly out-of-reach for a cloud provider can open up with the right partnership. But the prospect of forging partner relationships can be intimidating.

Patent Troll Demand Letters a Growing Concern on the Hill

Last week, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade held a hearing titled “Trolling for a Solution: Ending Abusive Patent Demand Letters.” The hearing focused on the regulation of demand letters sent in bad faith to businesses by patent trolls or patent assertion entities (PAEs).

The Key to Managed Services Adoption is Clear Messaging

What value does your company add? It’s a perennial business question, one that channel firms face each and every day in interactions with customers, vendors and other partners. In this era of cloud computing and ongoing business model upheaval, everyone is looking for a way to stand out, especially to the customer. If you can’t answer the fundamental question – Why do we matter? – your business is at a disadvantage.

Get CompTIA’s Strategies for Cloud Service Success

There’s no denying it: cloud is growing.

A People Person Finds her Niche in IT Channel Recruitment

Pat Martin, a national account manager at SmartSource, spends her days with her two dogs — her “big babies,” she calls them — developing business relationships for her company and recruiting IT staff from the comfort of her own home. Martin’s two-pronged role gives her plenty of satisfaction. She’s been at it for about three years now, after a mutual contact put her in touch with the owners of Illinois-based SmartSource Inc.

Begun, the Cloud War Has

Earlier this year, CompTIA’s 2014 Outlook predicted that cloud wars would intensify, with public cloud providers fighting on price and differentiation and private cloud systems fighting to get a foothold. After just one quarter, that prediction holds true; several companies have announced new ways they are pushing this model into new territory.

A TechVoice Win: Startup R&D Tax Credit Added to Senate Extenders Bill

Last week, the Senate unanimously approved an amendment adding legislation supported by TechVoice – the “Innovation Credit Act of 2013” – to the tax extenders bill currently being debated in the Senate. This is an important milestone for TechVoice.

Get Mobile or Die, CompTIA Mobility Community’s Third ‘Rumble in the Mobile Jungle’ Concludes

There was a little friendly competition going on in the Mobility Community meeting at CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, Calif., this week. The meeting featured the “Rumble in the Mobile Jungle” (the community has hosted such a debate twice before, including at ChannelCon last year; click here to read all about it).

How IT Businesses and Their Customers are Changing Focus of Power Talks at CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting

A shift in the IT customer and IT businesses themselves were the themes of two Power Talk sessions held this week at CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego.


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