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ChannelPro-SMB reports on the technologies and trends that impact the SMB market, including managed services, cloud computing, storage, security, networking, virtualization, hardware, software, and others. 

Daily: ChannelPro-SMB provides business insights and best practices, breaking news coverage, peer advice, opinions from the leading voices in the SMB IT industry, analyst commentary, special content for system builders, and more. 


Here are some highlights of our upcoming coverage next year. These are subject to change and also only a small example of our daily and monthly coverage:


Special Coverage: 2019 Technology Preview 

  • What the year to come holds in store for MSPs, integrators, and other channel pros.

Optimizing Managed Services Bundles 

  • How to offer just the right combination of services at just the right price to win business and fatten your bottom line. 


February -- Security Special Issue

Stepping into Security Consulting

  • Expanding past security basics into assessments, training, and more. 

Sealing Off Newfangled Security Threat Vectors

  • How to secure underappreciated vulnerabilities, from printers and IP cameras to smart lightbulbs and beyond. 



Special Coverage: 2019 ChannelPro State of the Channel Survey 

  • ChannelPro’s exclusive annual research study of trends, attitudes, and opportunities in the SMB channel.

Sales Advice for People Who Hate Selling

  • Tips from sales experts for shy people, introverts, and techies. 

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April -- Managed and Cloud Services Special Issue

Profit Fuel, Part 1: Building Custom Cloud Solutions 

  • How to make real money in the cloud by moving beyond migration, deployment, and management.

Managed Services Automation 

  • Actionable advice on boosting profits by streamlining processes.



Special Coverage: 2019 Vendors on the Vanguard 

  • ChannelPro’s latest roundup of lesser-known, underappreciated, up-and-coming vendors. 

Personalized Signage

  • How to build interactive, individualized, and responsive digital signage solutions.

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Customer Onboarding Success Secrets 

  • Guidance from experienced channel pros on getting new client relationships off to a successful, efficient, and profitable start.

ChannelPro's 2019 Summer Reading List 

  • Business books worth taking along on vacation, according to channel pros like you. 



Profit Fuel, Part 2: CRM/ERP Services 

  • Delivering high-margin, highly-sticky customization and support services to CRM and ERP users.

Midyear Hardware Roundup 

  • 2019’s best new PCs, servers, gaming gear, peripherals, and more. 



Special Coverage: 2019 ChannelPro Readers’ Choice Awards 

  • The top names in all the product and service categories you care about, as selected by ChannelPro readers.

Opportunities in Education 

  • Top IT spending trends in schools, colleges, and universities. 

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Profit Fuel, Part 3: Vertical Industry Solutions 

  • Turning industry expertise into meaningful competitive differentiation. 

Beating the IT Labor Crunch 

  • Good help has never been harder to find. Here’s expert advice on finding, hiring, and retaining top tech talent. 

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Special Coverage: 2019 ChannelPro All-Star Awards 

  • ChannelPro’s editors honor vendors who’ve made a significant impact on the SMB channel in the past 12 months. 

Solid Gold Marketing Campaigns 

  • Creative, can’t miss recipes for finding and winning new business.

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Coping with Consolidation 

  • Thriving and surviving in an era of accelerating managed services M&As. 

IoT in the Construction Industrry 

  • Solution and service opportunities in one the hottest Internet of Things verticals. 

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Tapping into Distributor Services 

  • Where, when, and how to grab more revenue and new customers by outsourcing services to your distributors. 

Workspace Optimization Solutions 

  • How to blend hardware, software, and services in ways that will boost employee productivity for your clients.

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Here are some highlights of our upcoming coverage next year. These are subject to change and also only a small example of our daily and monthly coverage:


Special Coverage: 2020 Technology Preview 

  • Our annual exploration of what the year hold holds in store for MSPs, VARs, and vendors.


  • Teams is Microsoft’s hottest cloud solution. Here’s how to turn it into a hot new source of projects and recurring revenue for yourself. 



Special Coverage: 2020 State of the Channel Survey

  • An exploration of market conditions, attitudes, and trends in the SMB channel based on our latest in-depth and exclusive research study. 

The Year Ahead in Processors

  • A look at what’s on the roadmap for Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and other big names in chips. 

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M&A the Right Way, Part 1: Your Pre-Sale Checklist 

  • Ready to sell? Here’s what you need to do first to get the best possible price.

Women in Tech

  • Inside advice on the why-to and how-to of adding women to your workforce. 

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April -- Cloud Computing Special Issue

Turning Cloud Products into Cloud Solutions 

  • Making more money in the cloud by selling multi-application cloud solutions rather than single-application cloud products.

Tick, Tick, Tick…EOL Approaches for Exchange Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 

  • Support for two venerable Microsoft products ends in two months. Here’s how to prepare your customers and profit in the process.



Special Coverage: 2020 Vendors on the Vanguard 

  • Our latest selection of emerging and underappreciated hardware, software, and service providers. 

Low Code App Development

  • How low-code development tools are helping channel pros with little programming experience make rich new revenues from application development.

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M&A the Right Way, Part 2: Evaluating Acquisition Targets 

  • Looking to buy? Here are tips from consultants and channel pros on what to consider when purchasing a managed services practice.

Navigating the Customer Buying Journey 

  • In the age of e-commerce and try-then-buy everything, businesses shop for IT services and solutions differently. Here’s what that means for you. 

ChannelPro's 2020 Summer Reading List 

  • Be sure to tuck these reader recommended books along with your swim trunks when heading out for vacation this summer. 

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July -- Security Special Issue

MSP Defend Thyself 

  • Cybercrooks are targeting MSPs for attack. Here’s how to protect your customers by protecting yourself.

Securing the Edge 

  • In the age of IoT, edge computing deployments are both increasingly common and increasingly vulnerable to attack. Find out how to defend them. 

Midyear Hardware Roundup 

  • A review of the year’s best devices to date. 

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Special Coverage: The ChannelPro Reader’s Choice Awards 

  • The very best vendors and distributors in dozens of key categories, according to a vote by our readers.

eSports Goes Bigtime 

  • It started in pro sports arenas and soon spread to colleges and universities. Are high schools the next frontier—and solution provider opportunity—for eSports? 

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M&A the Right Way, Part 3: Onboarding Success Tips 

  • How to start getting value from the MSP you recently bought or joined forces with fast. 

Go Big or Go Home 

  • Scaling your local managed services practice into a regional or even national player. 

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Special Coverage: 2020 ChannelPro All-Star Awards 

  • ChannelPro’s editors call attention to the vendors they believe have most impacted the SMB channel for the better in the past 12 months. 

Making Microsoft Your Channel 

  • How some channel pros are using Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace as a sales tool for solutions and services.



Becoming a Strategic Consultant

  • The key to avoiding commoditization is to become a virtual CIO to customers rather than just a tech guy. Here’s what that means and how to do it. 

Learning from Europe 

  • Channel pros do things differently overseas. Can their counterparts here in North America learn anything from them. 

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SmartThings, Smart Partners 

  • Profiles of channel pros making real money on Internet of Things solutions that anyone can understand and sell. 

UCaaS Versus VoIP 

  • They’re not the same thing. Here’s why selling cloud-based unified communications versus VoIP alone can be a good move.

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Special Coverage: 2020 ChannelPro State of the Channel Survey

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