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June 17th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
On Saturday I put together a quick video tour of the Small Biz Thoughts Community.Click to Watch NowYou can find that here on YouTube.  This walk-through gives you a sense of the look and feel of the site as well as some of the contents, which currently include . . .Events CalendarForumsAudio - Read More
June 15th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Debbie Takes to the CloudI'm always telling people to build a business relationship with clients - not just a technology relationship. This is extremely important in times of change. (And constant change will be the name of the game for the rest of your life.)Even though I refer to my first IT - Read More
June 12th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Please join me for this free webinar - with LOTS of give-aways . . .In association with Zyxel NebulaJune 21, 201811:00 AM PacificRegister NowZyxel is sponsoring this webinar. It's intended for folks who still haven't figured out how to be massively successful with managed services.Making the move - Read More
June 10th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
This morning I held a quick webinar to talk about "what's inside" the Small Biz Thoughts Community. Just posted a recording of that on YouTube: Here are the links that appear on the 5th slide:Blog announcement: - Read More
June 6th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
I had a great turnout for the webinar this morning.I rarely have such a quick turn-around to a live webinar, but it just worked out today. The recording is posted now on YouTube: might have been stretched out a bit to two one-hour presentations, - Read More
June 4th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
June has become the month for Webinars!I have four scheduled this month. Please sign up for at least three (one's kind of a repeat).All are free.1. My Favorite Marketing!Free Webinar - My Favorite Marketing TechniquesJune 6th 9:00 AM PacificRegister Now: Zoom WebinarI'm going to present my three - Read More
June 1st, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
As many of you know from discussions earlier this year,I am launching a membership site!(If you prefer a video-centric version of this blog post, please hop over to is the Small Biz Thoughts Community? Well, it has two primary components. - Read More
May 31st, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Oh no.I've been replaced by a robot.My latest SOP video has just been posted. Of course I welcome your feedback on the content (Is it worthwhile to do a lengthy monthly maintenance?).But more importantly, I would like your feedback on my new robot. Right now he doesn't have a name. That seems to be - Read More
May 30th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Heads UP! I'm doing a marketing webinar.I get asked a lot about marketing and I don't have much to say. I did build one good-sized managed service business (my second was intended to be small but super-profitable). I grew KPEnterprises to twelve employees and about $960,000 in revenue.So I have a - Read More
May 29th, 2018 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
I got a great question from Chris M:Just finished your book, it was a really good read. I’m new to owning my own MSP business, worked for another MSP for 7 years and knew I could offer so much more if I started on my own. One question I have for you is. How do you gauge what each - Read More