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Stronger Together

Stronger Together
October 27th, 2020 | Juan Fernandez
While hurdles to entering the technology field still exist for those who come from underserved or minority communities, belief in yourself, coupled with hard work, can put you on a path to success. - read more
Stronger Together
October 26th, 2020 | Carolyn Heinze
Organizations that openly address diversity and equity, and put ongoing programs and support in place, will better retain diverse talent. - read more
Stronger Together
October 22nd, 2020 | Joanna Sobran
By creating a sense of belonging and providing opportunity to learn about other cultures, your employees will thrive. - read more
Stronger Together
October 21st, 2020 | Jessica Meek
Your playbook should include assessing the company’s current state of diversity, setting goals for improvement, acquiring leadership buy-in, and building an action plan. - read more
Stronger Together
October 20th, 2020 | Gil Cargill
To get the best employee, businesses should put aside preconceptions about African-American job applicants and focus instead on competency and commitment to success. - read more
Stronger Together
October 19th, 2020 | Yvette Steele
Each day we make hundreds of decisions influenced by our biases that may be disenfranchising employees who could take our organization to the next level. - read more
Stronger Together
October 19th, 2020 | Rich Freeman
The tech industry today is overwhelmingly white and male. Understanding why is where changing that fact begins. - read more
October 15th, 2020 | ChannelPro
For the first time in ChannelPro's 13-year history, we're dedicating an entire issue to one critical topic: bringing greater diversity, equity, and inclusion to IT—and why MSPs, VARs, and solution providers achieve even more success when everyone contributes to the tech economy. - read more
Stronger Together
October 13th, 2020 | Bob Coppedge
Like my mom did in the 70s, it’s time for all of us leaders in the IT “neighborhood” to step up for people underrepresented in our industry and welcome them. - read more
Stronger Together
October 12th, 2020 | Corey Kirkendoll
A company-wide commitment to DEI will propel you to recruit outside of your normal resources, deepening your talent pool and opening your business to new ideas. - read more


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