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February 17th, 2014 | ChannelPro
Newest addition to the Radeon R7 series is available now for $99. - read more
February 12th, 2014 | ChannelPro
GX70 and GX60 Destroyers feature an AMD A10 processor and Radeon R9-M290X graphics. - read more
January 15th, 2014 | ChannelPro
New motherboard offers feature-rich platform for high-end gamers with Intel Z87 Chipset, 4K resolution support, and Crossfire X Graphics. - read more
December 20th, 2013 | Chris Eaves
For 80 percent of elite gamers, this mouse is a well-sculpted marvel that lives up to the hype. - read more
August 16th, 2013 | ChannelPro
Razer today announced the release of the Razer Tartarus, a membrane gaming keypad created with ergonomic comfort and customization options. Successor to the Razer Nostromo, the Razer Tartarus features 25 programmable keys, including an eight-way directional thumb pad, unlimited profiles and macro lengths, and full antighosting. - read more
July 15th, 2013 | cpnadmin
The original Company of Heroes was a game adored by critics and gamers alike. Company of Heroes 2 builds upon the solid foundations of the original and adds exciting new features, such as fog of war; winter weather and, of course, a shift to the eastern front. - read more
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June 21st, 2013 | George Karta
Metro: Last Light is the successor to the critically acclaimed Metro 2033, developed by 4A games and published by Deep Silver. Metro: Last Light is once again set in the same dark, post apocalyptic world as the last.  The world has been devastated by an all-out nuclear war and humanity now survives thanks to the refuge the metro system below Moscow offers. - read more
May 7th, 2013 | George Karta
Currently in its alpha phase and developed by Introversion Software, Prison Architect is a fantastic and fresh game that will put a smile on any city builder's face (especially those disappointed by the poor launch of Sim City). - read more
April 14th, 2013 | George Karta
Irrational Games' latest installment in the Bioshock series sees you lifted from the murky utopia of Rapture into the Eden of Colombia, a floating city in the sky. Infinite is just as much (if not more) a game about story as it is action. I have taken particular care to avoid major spoilers, but proceed at your own risk. - read more


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