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July 29th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
When you're hiring, one of the most important things you can look for is an "owner's mentality." That means someone who will embrace your business as if it's their own. And that means they won't leave clients hanging in an emergency. They'll do what's in the best interest of the company. And they really love doing these things. - read more
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July 24th, 2020 | Erick Simpson
Blog Entry
July 9th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
As you recall from the last few posts, I define culture as the values and habits of a group. - read more
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July 8th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
Key Performance Indicators for IT Service Managers - read more
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June 20th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
Every company has a culture, whether they “created” it or not. The truth is, you can either let culture grow on its own or you can create it with intention. Another way to say this is that culture either grows from the top down or grows from the bottom up. - read more
Press Release
May 26th, 2020 | ChannelPro
Integration allows teams to work where they are, driving down the time to engage and respond - read more
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May 22nd, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
I know that sounds dramatic, but it's true. Many of you follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. You may have seen that I'm working with a group of techies to help AIM - Agape International Missions - to develop new training programs for girls and women who have been rescued from sex trafficking in Cambodia. - read more
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May 7th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
A LinkedIn Live Event  - read more
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May 4th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
Many people have heard me speak about the Absolutely Unbreakable Rules for success. These are, basically, the rules I've learned over the years running various businesses. These are not "nice ideas" or good thoughts. They are absolutely unbreakable for one extremely important reason: If you adopt these rules, you will not have to change them when hard times come. - read more
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May 3rd, 2020 | Karl Palachuk
See - read more


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