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April 3rd, 2010 | Elric Phares
Thecus has spent a long time devising their NAS servers and this shows with the design of the N4200. It supports all of the major file systems including the Mac, Windows and Linux. The unit can take up to four drives in RAID 0, 1,5,6,10 or JBOD mode. The N5200 is not inexpensive at nearly $750 USD, but is a fully functional computer in its own right with a dual core N510 CPU, and 1GB of memory. Overall Thecus has done a bang-up job with the N4200 with a Battery Backup Module and Dual DOMs to... - read more
December 11th, 2009 | Benjamin Sun
The Cooler Master Sentinel Advance mouse is the best gaming mouse on the market today with eight programmable buttons, five profiles that can be set for different games, a solid feel and look and the features that you want from a gaming mouse including up to 5600 DPI precision on two lasers that allow great control of your gaming. The mouse comes in an attractive package and is customizable with your own logo and with weights, allowing it to become lighter if you wish. Precision in games is... - read more
September 19th, 2009 | Benjamin Sun
Thinking about the NAS Server space has to offer, Thecus is a company that has made the Home NAS Server a reality for many people. The N5500 has updated specifications compared to earlier Thecus units with an updated processor, double the RAM and two DOMs which allow the system to boot when one of the DOMs fails. Thecus's N5500 is available online for around $200, making it a good choice for those wanting a NAS Server, a DAS or an iSCSI for a reasonable price. - read more
July 29th, 2009 | Elric Phares
There is no disputing that the new SSD storage devices are the wave of the future, and Kingston has done a solid job of bringing a variety of these new products to the market. This SSD drive is geared for the mainstream user and even though it’s still a bit pricey, it is well affordable to those who value the integrity of their information. The V series is not quite as fast as he M Series drives, but it also sells for a lot less therefore making it more affordable to the masses that want this... - read more
June 14th, 2009 | Elric Phares
Right now SSD drives are one hot commodity in the PC industry at large and with more and more companies jumping on the band wagon it will not be long before these new drives become the mainstay of storage. They will most likely be used as your boot drive in which you’re OS is installed, making for less chances of data loss. At the moment these drives are easily available up to a 160GB capacity and are a bit on the pricey stage in a drifting economy, but really do offer new advancements in... - read more
May 20th, 2009 | Jonathan Morrison
But most do not offer the ability to plug and go without the use of drivers or user setup programs. This is where the Gigabyte GK-K6800 does very well. For the price of a low end keyboard, you get a midgrade board with some pop. The multimedia keys function right out of the box. There are no drivers or firmware for the keyboard which really helps if you are buying a keyboard for a relative that may not be computer literate. It works in both Linux and Windows environment. - read more
May 11th, 2009 | Elric Phares
At the end of the day this is really a novelty item, but it also has its usefulness as well, so it’s still cool for someone looking for some customizing accessories for their PC. If you have a PC that requires many fans to keep it cool at one point and then less cooling at another this product should your needs just fine. - read more
May 8th, 2009 | Doc Overclock
In the right situation this keyboard is absolutely a solid winner, and for my setup it solved a lot of issues I was having and let me take back control of my Windows Media Center (MCE) HTCP. I was able to work in the Windows Vista MCE environment, completely wireless and with precise accuracy and all within the confines of my lap; this included watching movies, playing games and surfing the internet. For those who are used to typing on a laptop you will find yourself inclined to feel that you... - read more
April 15th, 2009 | Doc Overclock
The SilenX iXtrema Pro IXG-80HA2 cooling system is not cheap in terms of price. The combination of the IXG-80HA2 and the Fan kit makes for an excellent cooling system that can lower the temperatures of a graphics card by several degrees. Alternatively, it can allow for much quieter operation when the system is running. - read more
January 11th, 2009 | Ben Sun
Overall I am impressed with the TV Wonder 650 Combo PCI Express card. For those wanting an alternative to buying a converter box or a new TV, the TV Wonder Combo PCI Express card may be for you as it allows you to use your computer monitor as a HDTV. As most LCD monitors are fully capable of 1280x720 output, this results in the ability to watch HDTV straight on your computer without additional purchase. - read more


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