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Master Service Agreements

August 28th, 2023 | ChannelPro
Attorney Bradley Gross explains why your MSA is your first line of defense, plus other risk mitigation steps to reduce the chances of being sued. - read more
April 17th, 2023 | James E. Gaskin
A comprehensive MSA will protect your MSP business by laying out the ground rules for a customer partnership, while an SLA establishes the operational and transactional details. - read more
April 3rd, 2023 | Jennifer Tribe
A strong MSA offers an essential layer of protection that helps keep you safe from liability and protects your business. - read more
December 14th, 2022 | Rich Freeman
Minimizing the risk of lawsuits after a security incident is a task no channel pro can afford to ignore. - read more
August 16th, 2018 | Megan Santosus
Including certain language in master service agreements can help protect MSPs from costly litigation. - read more
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