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IT Valuations

August 25th, 2023 | David Freed
Understanding your IT firm’s worth and taking steps to enhance it from the outset can set your company up for long-term success. - read more
June 15th, 2023 | Reed Warren
The outlook for deal volumes for the rest of 2023 remains strong, although not as high as the record highs of last year. - read more
August 15th, 2022 | Reed Warren
When a clear successor doesn’t exist, look for the buyer type that best suits your goals and expectations. - read more
April 4th, 2022 | Reed Warren
If you’re stuck at sub-10% growth, your enthusiasm and your tax responsibility are considerably decreasing, making it a great time to sell. - read more
February 8th, 2022 | ChannelPro
ChannelPro’s in-person, six-city tour offers IT integrators, managed services providers, consultants, and VARs two days of educational content designed to help drive business growth. - read more
August 23rd, 2021 | Reed Warren
With a proper plan in place, the benefits of a successful M&A can far outweigh the pitfalls. - read more
May 4th, 2021 | Reed Warren
Successful IT business owners will use the changes and trends in 2020 and beyond to create a plan for future growth. - read more
April 19th, 2021 | Reed Warren
Why a proper valuation is critically important when selling (or acquiring) your technology firm. - read more
March 5th, 2019 | Reed Warren
The bulk of your IT service company’s value is intangible and will vary with the nature of the buyer or the purpose for the valuation. - read more
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