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Brian Sherman

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February 1st, 2021 | IOTSSA
If there is one good takeaway from the nearly year-long COVID-19 pandemic, it has to be the increased value of the IT services community. Even the clients who had the occasion to question your firm’s value, usually during contract discussions, are surely seeing your managed services team in a new light right now. - read more
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November 16th, 2020 | IOTSSA
As we enter the final stretch of November and prepare for the final month in what has been an unparalleled year for the IT industry (and the world), the negatives of 2020 are fresh in everyone’s minds. Millions have been affected by the pandemic, from those suffering directly from the virus to others who are still struggling to make it through each day in isolation from family and friends. - read more
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September 22nd, 2020 | IOTSSA
As most industry professionals understand, IT capabilities and insight are not the only vital piece of the equation. MSPs need a more comprehensive set of competencies to excel in today’s rapidly shifting business environment, including the essential ‘soft skills’ for implementing and managing and continually strengthening the cyber defenses of different organizations. - read more
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August 21st, 2020 | IOTSSA
Many MSPs are finding themselves and their businesses at a crossroads. Some IT Service Providers are experiencing revenue disruptions and cash flow pain due to the ongoing pandemic as their SMB clients work through their own sales and financial issues. Others are struggling to recapture growth momentum that is slowing due to stagnating and uncertain business conditions. - read more
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November 27th, 2018 | IOTSSA
Do SMBs truly realize their businesses are at risk? Objections to advanced cybersecurity protection tend to get complicated. From “we’re too small to be legitimate targets” to the tried and true “it’s too costly” comeback, sales teams are often forced to overcome a seemingly endless list of hindrances when pitching these vital services. - read more
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October 24th, 2018 | IOTSSA
When hackers take down a sales office or small CPA firm, forcing employees to pause while the systems are restored or work from home if that process takes a day or more, it’s an unacceptable intrusion. The problem with cybercriminals is they are rarely satisfied with causing those types of temporary inconveniences. - read more
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September 19th, 2018 | IOTSSA
One of the fastest growing segments of the cybersecurity protection market is also one of the most mysterious. The dark web is that shady realm that few understand, including small and mid-size business owners, yet those who ignore the part it plays in breaches and ransomware attacks are more vulnerable to those attacks. - read more
Blog Entry
September 6th, 2018 | IOTSSA
Over the last year, the IoTSSA team invested a lot of time and energy engaging a variety of channel professionals. We sought feedback on the challenges and opportunities in cybersecurity from the provider, vendor, distribution, and other industry professionals’ perspectives. - read more
Blog Entry
July 26th, 2018 | IOTSSA
Those in the tech industry seem to have a fascination with creating new vernacular or repurposing old lingo for innovative concepts. Social engineering is one of the latest IT buzz terms to undergo the renaming process. - read more
Blog Entry
June 23rd, 2018 | IOTSSA
Balancing a company’s data protection and productivity needs with its budgetary constraints can be difficult, especially for the MSPs often charged with finding a “happy medium” between quick and secure system access and cost. Providers have to juggle fiscal responsibility with their obligation to deliver effective solutions. - read more


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