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September 26th, 2013 | ChannelPro
Intel Capital has made an investment in Recon Instruments, a Canadian technology company behind the world’s first consumer Heads-up Display products for sports. Recon’s products include Jet, a heads-up display for sports that unobtrusively delivers activity-specific information instantly, directly to the athlete's eye. - read more
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June 15th, 2013 | Rachel Cericola
Cool gadgets and tech gear for everyone on your list. - read more
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October 3rd, 2012 | Admin
These obscenely expensive Apple gadgets and accessories are over the top, with dinosaur bones, gold plating, and lots of bling. See how iPods, iPads, iPhones, and MacBook Airs get million-dollar makeovers. - read more
May 25th, 2012 | Hank Hogan
Computer recycling, whether done in-house or offered as a service, enables builders to turn a profit and stay on the right side of the law. - read more
September 20th, 2011 | ChannelPro
The KN1000 KVM Over the NET provides KVM over IP, remote power and serial console management, and virtual media functionality. - read more


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