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ChannelPro Custom Media Services

Our expert team of writers, editors and designers is standing by to provide a full range of services to help you with your marketing needs. No one knows the SMB reseller audience better than we do and you can tap that expertise to create masterful marketing campaigns.

Think of our team as an extension of your team. We'll create and deliver the marketing asset directly to you or integrate it into a broader program.

We offer online, lead-gen, print solutions and more:

  • Content Syndication: ChannelPro Content Syndication programs allow you to target, educate and convert IT professionals into leads and customers. The ChannelPro Custom Media team will work with you to define your audience, develop or aggregate the right blend of content and marketing assets, and then locate them in your own branded Spotlight section on Custom ads on our site and e-mail marketing programs will drive awareness of—and traffic to—your Spotlight section. Case Studies, White Papers, Partner Profiles, Thought Leadership essays and more can be custom-created by our team, or provided by your team and included in this program. The ChannelPro team will work with you to define the content strategy, set up registration forms to collect leads and provide turnkey editing and writing services as needed. Pricing varies based on scope of project.
  • Custom articles/case studies/White Papers: The ChannelPro Custom Media team can provide turnkey writing, editing and design services to provide a host of custom-written assets. Assets might include articles, product profiles, case studies, thought-leadership essays and more. Assets can include a byline of one of your executives and we serve as ghost-writer. Assets can be featured in your marketing materials, on your website and your social media channels. Topics, tone and other factors are determined by you. You can provide us relevant collateral as reference, and access to your staff or partners if direct quotes are needed. The ChannelPro team will create a production schedule and provide project management. You will own the asset once it is completed. These assets can be used on your website, part of direct marketing campaigns, converted into print ads or email blasts, etc. White Papers can include publicly available research or research that you provide. The ChannelPro team can convert most assets into email blasts and print ad pages for an additional fee. Assets are typically priced by the print-equivalent page, and delivered as a PDF.
  • Custom show guides and maps: these can be used for pre-event promotions (direct marketing and print/online programs) as well as handed out at the events.
  • Custom Podcasts: The ChannelPro Custom Media team can provide turnkey services to record and generate a web-ready audio file. Exact topics, duration and participants are determined by you and will be priced accordingly. These recordings can feature interviews with your executives, partners or customers on the benefits of your products or solutions. Other topics may include product overviews and reviews or best practices for integrating technologies. Typical podcast lengths are 10 minutes or less in order to hold the attention of the listener. A specific production schedule will be developed for your program.  Lead-gen packages are available for an additional fee.
  • Custom Webinars: The ChannelPro Custom Media team can provide turnkey services to produce a Webinar for you.  Exact topics, participants and slide deck are provided by you. Typical programs feature your staff or partners. The ChannelPro team will provide project management, marketing and registration efforts, as well as produce the live event and a recorded version for listening to it on demand. A specific production schedule will be developed for your program.  Lead-gen packages are available. Pricing based on lead quantities.
  • Custom Research Programs: Tap into the SMB IT marketplace to collect data on brand preferences, awareness, market trends and more. The ChannelPro Custom Media team will work with you to develop the study and then field it to our audience. A specific production schedule will be developed for your program. The topic, number and type of questions, as well as duration of program and/or desired number of respondents will be specified before the program launches. Upon completion of the study, an analysis report will be delivered to you in PDF form. Pricing varies based on project scope.
  • Custom ad creation: our design team will work with your marketing team to develop print and online ads for your campaigns.
  • Custom content for your Website: Our team can create variety of content for use on your site including case studies, thought-leadership articles, podcasts, webinars, etc. as described above.
  • Custom Print Magazines: Project thought leadership, spotlight customer success stories and noteworthy news and announcements in the format of a respected trade or business publication. Distributed to your customers and prospects as well as select readers of ChannelPro-SMB.
  • Custom Webzines: Add state-of-the-art interactivity to your custom magazine while harnessing the power of the Web for its global reach and ease of integration with other marketing initiatives.
  • Custom E-mail newsletters: Weekly or monthly communication programs featuring case studies, feature articles and thought leadership essays from your executive team. Keep your customers and prospects up to date with your solutions and provide a content-rich experience for them at your Website. Distributed to your email list, one that we develop, or combo of both.
  • Custom Videos: The ChannelPro production team will provide turnkey services to produce and promote different types of custom videos. "Product Spotlight" videos include an overview of your product and will feature your branding and contact information. The video will be hosted on our YouTube channel (our videos have been viewed millions of times!) and be promoted across our network. We can also create other types of videos including branded videos.
  • Custom Cover Wraps: Our design and production teams can create this high-visibility promotional unit on our print magazine. 
  • Custom Resource Centers and Company Spotlights: In both print and online versions, we can align your brand and solutions with specific coverage on our online network and in our print magazine. See our sponsored spotlights by clicking on "Spotlights" on our site nav bar.

Custom Media FAQs

How are Custom Media assets different from the ads I am already running? Your current advertising program might focus on branding or a specific product or solution. While our Custom Media team can be used to create those types of ads for you, most of our programs are used to deliver a more detailed message than those found in typical advertisements. We can create White Papers, advertorials, customer or dealer profiles, newsletters, Podcasts and more.

Who is the audience for these Custom Media programs? You define it. We can deliver these programs to the ChannelPro-SMB database of Integrators, MSPs and VARs. We can also deliver it to your database of customers or prospects or some combination of all of the above. Not only do we custom-develop these programs with your needs in mind, we can target delivery to maximize impact and the ROI of your marketing investment.

Can custom programs tie into lead-gen programs? Yes. Lead-gen programs often feature a White Paper or research report that a prospective customer will register to download. Our team can produce that downloadable asset and also manage the lead-generation collection process.

Can the Custom Media team be used to create marketing pieces that are not used in my ChannelPro advertising program? Yes. We can create print or online marketing materials that you can use on your own Web site, as part of a direct marketing campaign or even for events. Many of these can also be integrated into a current or future advertising program with our print publications, Web sites or events.

Where can I find samples of White Papers? See 'Adapting Your Business to the Cloud' here. See 'Where the Money Is in Mobility' here.

How do we engage with the Custom Media team? Please contact Michael Siggins (contact information found below) to discuss your needs. No one knows the Channel audience better than we do and you can tap that expertise to create masterful marketing campaigns. Think of our team as an extension of your marketing team---we'll create and deliver the marketing assets directly to you or integrate them into a broader program.

Please contact Michael Siggins for more information [email protected] 919-325-0108

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