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May 10th, 2009 |
So what differentiates this board from the many other ASUS P6 motherboards on the market? The P6T SE is one of the few X58 motherboards currently available on the open market, which does not support SLI out of the box. Balancing that out is the lesser pricing on the board compared to other X58 boards and the multitude of tweaks the board has available through the BIOS. The board is available online for around $208 making it solidly a mainstream X58 board compared to some of the other options on... - Read More
May 8th, 2009 |
In the right situation this keyboard is absolutely a solid winner, and for my setup it solved a lot of issues I was having and let me take back control of my Windows Media Center (MCE) HTCP. I was able to work in the Windows Vista MCE environment, completely wireless and with precise accuracy and all within the confines of my lap; this included watching movies, playing games and surfing the internet. For those who are used to typing on a laptop you will find yourself inclined to feel that you... - Read More
May 7th, 2009 |
Gigabyte has done their usual stellar job with the EX58-UD4P motherboard. This board overclocked to 3.8GHz on air without voltage tweaks. Had the board reached 4GHz as several of the X58 boards have reached, this product would have received the Editor's Choice award. As it is, the board receives a Hot Product Award, which is no mean feat. The EX58-UD4P board was featured in the recent Gigabyte Overclocking Championship. - Read More
May 4th, 2009 |
ATI launched this card for a MSRP of $109 with a $10 rebate making it a sub $100 card. At this price point, ATI has a winner as performance is close in most cases to the bigger brother the HD 4850 and GeForce GTS 250. DirectX 10.1 features have begun showing up in games like Tom Clancy's HAWX game, a flight combat game set in the near future. - Read More
May 1st, 2009 |
There are cases on the market that make a lot of noise. The Thermaltake M9 VI1000 does the job that any mainstream consumer would expect from a high quality company like Thermaltake. This case retails online for $70, making it an excellent choice for the consumer wanting a high-quality case without spending the money some of the other cases on the market are asking for. - Read More
May 1st, 2009 |
Cooler Master set out to create the ultimate LAN party computer case with the Scout and in many respects succeeded with this case. The Scout is relatively lightweight due to the Mid-Tower form factor they used, yet is very sturdy and has carrying handles that can easily take the load. - Read More
April 27th, 2009 |
Today ATI launches their latest venture into the video card arena, code name the HD4770. The day of this launch we were lucky enough to get our hands on one made by our friends a Gigabyte in just the nick of time. We only received the card late today and only had time to get in a quick photo shoot and read up on the card in time for the launch today. The card looks nice and is shiny red for those who associate that color as ATI's PCB. - Read More
April 27th, 2009 |
EVGA offers the best support on the planet for most of their cards. A 2-year warranty may not seem like much but the fact remains that few people have video cards longer than 2 years, especially for those that want the higher end cards and need a hold me over card until the next generation of cards are released or they can afford a new card with the features and performance that the GTS 250 would offer. - Read More
April 26th, 2009 |
Cooler Master took a simple premise with the Sniper case and delivered on that premise. The case has more than adequate ventilation with room for three 200mm fans, and two 120mm fans or five fans in total. The price online for this case is $179.99, which makes it a pricey item. This case, does the job, however, meaning that if you are looking for a case well suited for water-cooling, with plenty of IO and one with the design and care that Cooler Master puts into everything they do this case... - Read More
April 25th, 2009 |
MSI has taken the GeForce GTS 250 card and clocked it higher than the reference design, which NVIDIA clocks their standard cards at. While performance is not much improved, a lot of it can be attributed to the fact that the higher clock is only a fraction higher than the reference card. The card Overclocks extremely well with almost 100MHz overclock attained using the cooler. - Read More