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ZyXEL Wireless AC750 Review: A Cost-Effective Way to Extend Wireless Range

ZyXEL's AC750 wireless extender adds extra wireless range in a few minutes without cables or contractors. By James E. Gaskin

Before wireless, cables were never long enough. With wireless, data transmission ranges are never long enough, especially in homes or offices with multiple walls between the wireless client and the wireless router. If you've ever rearranged and relocated a wireless client or router just to get a second bar for reliable data communications, you need a range extender, sometimes called a range repeater. Networking tools company ZyXEL recently released an affordable, easy to use model called the Wireless AC750 Range Extender.

The AC750 also doubles as an access point, another solution for a weak wireless signal. But in access point mode, you must run a network cable to the location (unlike the TP-Link TL-WPA4220KIT Powerline Wireless Extender we reviewed), which costs time and money. And if you're in an historic building or expensive labor market, a new network run can cost a lot of time for permits or money for labor. But the AC750, for about $70 street price, can extend your wireless range without cables or contractors - and you can do it yourself.


The wall-wart sized repeater comes with a well-done Quick Start Guide, a CD of documentation, and a short Ethernet cable. An easy way to set up the repeater is to start it up, then connect a computer to the unit with the short Ethernet cable. You'll get a message about needing to take an extra step as the computer connects to the repeater.

The first screen loads in the default password (1234) so all you need do it hit Login. WRE6505 is the model number for the AC750 repeater. On the next screen you can provide a new password, a good idea. Of course, a third of those using this repeater will leave the default password based on the statistics of similar equipment installations.

ZyXEL's AC750 supports both 802.11g/b/n running at 2.4GHz and 802.11a/ac running at 5GHz. If you're wireless router supports both, one AC750 handles both frequencies. If you aren't sure about the 5GHz support, choose the 2.4GHz option, since all dual routers run at 2.4GHz (dual-band routers add the 5GHz).

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