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XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB Dual Fan Edition Review: Page 4 of 7

The XFX Dual-Fan HD 6870 is one of the quietest video cards I’ve seen in a long time. Even at full 100% fan speed the card was subjectively quieter than the reference HD 6870 card was at normal operating speeds. By Elric Phares


The HD 6870 is a dual-slot video card. XFX uses a custom cooler with their new ZDFC HD 6870 card.  The graphics chip is covered by three heatpipes leading to a plate made out of copper. The cooler itself has two fans each the size of the reference fan on the AMD HD 6870. One thing to note is the fans are quiet, very quiet. The fans at full speed (100% in the Control Panel) are quieter than the reference fan on the AMD HD 6870.

The back of the card is where the four spring-loaded mounting screws for the graphics chip are located. Here is also where the Part Number sticker is located.  The top of the card is where the two 6-pin power connectors are located on the card.   The HD 6870 has a power draw of 151W which is more than a single 6-pin power connector and the PCI Express slot can deliver to the card (150W maximum). This is also the location of the Crossfire Bridge. You can run 2-way Crossfire only with the HD 6870 due to the single bridge connector.

The HD 6870 is a PCI Express 2.1 video card that is 10.3 inches long by 4.4 inches high by 1.5 inches wide. The I/O on the card consists of two mini-DisplayPort connectors, a HDMI connector a Dual-Link DVI connector and a Single-Link DVI-D connector. Note that due to the ability of DisplayPort 1.2 to do daisy chaining, up to four DP monitors can be connected via a MST Hub and 6 monitors altogether. The card also has a cutout with XFX spelt out which is kind of cool. XFX really put a lot of thought into the PCB design.

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