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XFX HD 7770 Black Super Overclocked Edition D.D Review: Page 3 of 4

These cards are really geared more for the budget minded gamer and in this respect they really do shine. These are sure to become very popular cards and with the initial release drivers that we were provided, these cards were still able to deliver very playable frame rates at high settings and resolutions. By B. Ramirez

HD 7770 Black Super OC Edition D. D. Performance

Well, this is where the rubber meets the road. XFX has its work cut out for it and there is no doubt that these cards are really quite impressive. Before we get into performance scores and how well this card performed in our benchmarks, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned. This card has the most impressive thermal solution that I’ve seen yet. What I mean by this is throughout our testing this card never got over 52 degrees Celsius and the fan on our power supply was louder than the fans on this card. That’s just amazing for a modern video card in this category.

In terms of performance this card posted some very impressive scores for its price point. These cards are listed to come in at about 159 dollars right now. That puts them in a very competitive position. There are quite a few cards that are currently being offered in this price range. As I stated though, these cards run amazingly cool and quiet. This will definitely help to set them apart from the competition. These cards also perform incredibly well. They are a little limited in terms of memory bandwidth and available memory. AMD has attempted to make up for this by increasing the core clock and the memory clock. Our benchmarks show that they have been fairly successful at overcoming these shortfalls.

These scores show that XFX has delivered an incredible card that is sure to become a very popular way for gamers to get in on the AMD 7000 series. This series of cards has proven to be very impressive on performance and they also run very cool compared to the previous generation. This should be very beneficial for overclocking and should also help to extend the life of these cards. For this price these are also very attractive cards for use in a Crossfire configuration. We did a full set of benchmarks using this card and a very similarly clocked Sapphire HD 7770. A written review will be posted shortly, so keep checking back to see how well these cards perform in a dual-card configuration. Now that we’ve gone over the full specs of these cards, and the performance that you can expect from them, it’s time to wrap up this review.

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