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If you need a larger screen or exact color control, the ViewSonic VP3881 could be your answer. By James E. Gaskin

Daily Use

The color fidelity on the VP3881 monitor is amazing. ViewSonic pitches graphics work of all kinds as the best reason to get this monitor. Hard to argue with the fidelity of reproduction and the ability to zoom in on images thanks to the 3840x1600 resolution. Professionals who edit images would benefit from a monitor like this to improve workflow and quality.

If your work is more page oriented, you can line up four or five full pages side by side. Your primary document, two documents of notes, a browser page, and more can all be visible, and usable, at one time. The romantic notion of writers using a small laptop at Starbucks is sweet, but most of us have notes scattered around and need to research the web constantly. This monitor makes that type of work efficiency possible.

If your work is horizontal, as in huge spreadsheets, you’ll have more of your creation software at your fingertips than ever before. And musicians writing scores or using digital audio workstation software, both of which function much better in “scroll” mode, should put their order in immediately.

Wrap Up

The ViewSonic VP3881 may have a clumsy name but it is a graceful and beautiful platform for work of all kinds. If you have a 2560x1440 monitor—the resolution that’s becoming the standard for many companies stepping up from 1920x1080—you only have about two-thirds of what the VP3881 gives you. Put two 2560x1440 monitors side by side and you’ll need more than 50 inches of desk space (the VP3881 takes 35 inches). Go to a 4K monitor with 3480x2160 resolution and you get a similar number of pixels but they’re crammed into a 27-inch screen, which makes details shrink and system messages hard to read. Plus, you don’t get the huge color palette or color control that the VP3881 provides.

When you first come face to face with the ViewSonic VP3881 it almost looks silly, since it stretches a foot (or more) wider than “standard” displays. But put this monitor in front of your customer for a day or two and they will never give it back. Try it yourself to prove how well it works.

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