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With compelling improvements in weight, power, recovery, and service life, the new lithium-ion-based UPS from Vertiv will keep the lights on while providing ROI for channel pros and their customers. By Matt Whitlock

With SNMP v1/2c/3 support, it can integrate with data center management system applications over HTTPS with installable certificates, which is what you’ll want if you’re managing a large number of Liebert products. It works well with the company’s Trellis Power Insight software (Windows/Linux), which is web-based and free to use for distributed deployments of up to 100 units. It also works with LIFE Services, Liebert Nform, and Trellis Enterprise for larger deployments.


When a single minute of unplanned downtime can cost a business thousands of dollars or more, investing in the right and best technologies to stay up and running is critical. The rise of lithium-ion in UPSs isn’t a fad or passing trend, and the Vertiv Liebert PSI5 perfectly demonstrates why.

Realistically, a lead-acid battery will last two to four years with a moderate decline in performance over that span. The runtimes go down and potential for outright failure increases as they age, therefore they must be replaced regularly.

Figure 3

One of the benefits of lithium-ion compared with lead-acid is how much longer the batteries last, and how many more cycles they can handle. Vertiv warranties the battery for a full five years, but given the lower performance loss over time, some installations could go seven to 10 years on the same battery. For MSPs and integrators, the longer the battery lasts, the less it must be serviced (if you ever service it at all), which reduces your costs, plain and simple.

Vertiv’s Liebert lithium-ion PSI5 provides longer runtimes at half the weight, is ready to deliver for the next event faster, can be fully managed and monitored (with the add-on card), and may never have to be touched until the whole UPS needs to be replaced. For the modern MSP, it’s like having your cake and exploding it too. Because who doesn’t love exploding cake?


MODEL: Vertiv Liebert PSI5-1500RT120L | IS-UNITY-SNMP

MSRP: $1,545 | $325

Power Rating: 1500VA / 1350W

Input Voltage: Nominal: 120VAC / Range: 75-146VAC

Output Voltage: 120VAC default; 100/110/115/125VAC user selectable

Efficiency: Up to 97.1% (normal mode)

Wiring: Input: 5-15P; output: 6 x 5-15R

Operating Temperature: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)

General: Pure sinewave output on battery

Listings: UL 1778, c-UL-us Listed, NOM, FCC Part 15, Class B

Topology: Line-interactive (automatic voltage regulation)

Service Access: Front access (hot-swappable battery kits)

Images: Courtesy of Vertiv

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