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Silverstone Temjin Series TJ04-E Evolution Case Review: Page 3 of 4

Silverstone is known for their ability to innovate and redesign components that had previously remained unchanged for years. If you look at some of their cases and CPU fans you'll see that they are constantly pushing the envelope and trying to go. Silverstone has been revisiting some of their previous designs and expanding on them, so they are attempting to turn good into great and great into awesome. By Nathan Almond

TJ04-E Features

Storage/HDD capacity is the standout feature of the TJ04-E.  This case can hold up to 19 drives in the stock configuration four 5.25", nine 3.5" HDD and six 2.5" SSD or HDD.  I don't think that the average end user needs that much space, but man is that an impressive amount of storage to fit into a case of this size.  Most of that storage space is a direct result of the removable HDD cage.  The drives attach to the cage and the cooler fins which will help dissipate the heat generated by mechanical HDDS.

Aside from the ability to hold eight 3.5" drives the HDD cage is designed to allow a graphics card to pass through if the drive space is empty.  Without a HDD in the slot this case can fit a graphics card up to 17".  If you have a HDD in the spot right behind the graphics card you are limited to about 12.8" which is more than enough for most cards.

The 2.5" cage is located in front of the power supply which could be a problem if you have a large PSU, so Silverstone has added an optional installation position inside the large 3.5" cage.  The 2.5" cage can hold 6 SSD or Notebook size drives which will cut into the maximum drive count, so Silverstone suggests using a PSU that is 160mm in length. 

You need to remove the front panels with a screwdriver prior to installing the 5.25" drives, so while the drives themselves can be installed with the quick snap in tool-less system you will still need a screwdriver.  The front panels feel very rigid and will be completely silent since they are secured with three screws instead of plastic clips.

The motherboard tray can hold up to XL-ATX and is in the standard orientation.  There is an extra large cutout for mounting the CPU cooler and nine cable routing cutouts, not including the two at the bottom by the PSU.

Another stand out feature is the space available behind the back panel.  If you take a look you can see that there is more than enough room between the motherboard tray and the side panel for all the cables. There is extra room at the bottom to put all the extra cables on a non-modular PSU, but any extra bulky cable  

Once you have everything installed and sealed up you are left with a really nice external view.

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