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Silverstone Temjin Series TJ04-E Evolution Case Review: Page 2 of 4

Silverstone is known for their ability to innovate and redesign components that had previously remained unchanged for years. If you look at some of their cases and CPU fans you'll see that they are constantly pushing the envelope and trying to go. Silverstone has been revisiting some of their previous designs and expanding on them, so they are attempting to turn good into great and great into awesome. By Nathan Almond

TJ04-E Impressions

The TJ04-E is a classy case with a simple elegant and understated look.  This case knows it's cool and doesn't need to impress anyone with flashing lights or exterior graphics.  This case looks good from any angle, but I like the view from the window side.

The front bezel of the case is solid aluminum with a brushed finish and a beveled edge exposing the polished aluminum underneath. The 4 external 5.25" bay covers are recessed and there is a black beveled edge around the panel covers.  The power and reset buttons are metal, recessed and take decent force to actuate which will help you avoid accidentally turning off or restarting your system.  The only lights on the case are the power LED and HDD LED which are located between the power and reset buttons.  The white Silverstone snowflake and branding are located at the bottom of the front panel.  Noticeably missing from the are external 3.5" drive bays, but if you need one you can buy a converter for about $15. 

There is an accessory bay at the top of the case with two USB 3.0 ports, a mic and headphone jack. The bay is black plastic and blends in nicely to the flat black top panel.

Behind the accessory bay is a removable filter long enough to cover two intake or exhaust fans.  There is room for either two 120mm or a 140mm and a 120mm (one 120mm is included).  The included fan is installed as an intake to help pull in outside air to keep the CPU, memory and chipset cool.  The filter is easy to remove for maintenance.  Silverstone recommends cleaning your filters every three to six months or more depending on the environment.

The right panel has another removable filter covering a dual 120mm fan intake (one fan included).  This intake is your primary intake and will blow air directly onto the 3.5" drives and graphic cards.

There are two filters on the bottom for the PSU intake and an additional 120mm fan (not included).  If you are running a multi card system I would recommend adding the bottom intake fan to maintain maximum airflow.  I don't think it is necessary, but it would definitely help to keep your cards cool.

This case is designed to use positive pressure to expel the hot air, so the two 120mm intakes bring in cool air and which causes pressure inside the case to expel the warm air out the back.  There is a 120mm exhaust fan at the rear of the case in the standard position above the motherboard I/O to help with the airflow. The rear of the case is almost completely perforated to allow maximum ventilation.  There are also two knockouts at the top of the case for water cooling if you decide to take that route. 

The accessory package contains the user manual, two HDD fin coolers, two SATA power connectors, a USB 3.0 to 2.0 adapter, zip ties and all the necessary screws to assemble your system.  Silverstone cases can be difficult to assemble, so thankfully they have included one of the most comprehensive manuals I've ever seen.  The manual has a complete step by step guide showing how to install every component and it also has some helpful tips on cable management.  The inclusion of the two SATA power connectors shows a dedication to cable management.  The USB adapter is great since not all motherboards have the USB 3.0 header and this adapter keeps the functionality of the top ports.

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